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Skull And Bones – How to Get Sovereigns


In the treacherous seas of “Skull and Bones,” sovereigns reign supreme. These precious coins unlock powerful upgrades for your ship, allowing you to dominate rival pirates and seize control of the Indian Ocean. But acquiring sovereigns can be challenging, requiring cunning, skill, and a touch of luck. This guide will steer you through the turbulent waters of wealth, providing tips and strategies to amass sovereigns and become a legendary pirate captain.

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What are Sovereigns and Why Are They Important?

Sovereigns are the primary currency in “Skull and Bones,” used to purchase ship upgrades, cosmetics, and other valuable items. They are essential for improving your ship’s performance and enhancing your pirate’s capabilities, making them crucial for success in the game.

How to Get Sovereign Coin

Skull And Bones - How to Get Sovereigns

By rising to Kingpin Infamy and gaining additional levels in the Skull and Bones leaderboards, you can begin accumulating Sovereigns. You will receive some cash for each tier you complete on the leaderboards, which you may start saving for your empire and end-game cosmetics. Weekly leaderboards are now the most effective method for leveling up, however, seasonal leaderboards will be accessible in the future.

Maximizing Sovereigns through Trading and Looting

Trading goods between ports can be a lucrative way to earn sovereigns in “Skull and Bones.” Buy low in one port and sell high in another to turn a profit. Additionally, looting defeated enemy ships and raiding coastal settlements can yield valuable resources and sovereigns, but be prepared to face retaliation from rival pirates and naval forces.


How can I earn sovereigns quickly in “Skull and Bones”?

To earn sovereigns quickly, focus on completing high-paying missions and trading goods between ports. Engaging in PvP combat and looting defeated enemies can also yield significant rewards.

Are there any risks involved in earning sovereigns through PvP combat?

Yes, engaging in PvP combat carries the risk of losing your ship and cargo if you are defeated. It’s essential to assess your opponent’s strength and approach each battle with caution.

Can I trade goods between ports to earn sovereigns?

Yes, trading goods between ports can be a profitable way to earn sovereigns. Buy goods at low prices in one port and sell them for a profit in another to maximize your earnings.

Are there any benefits to joining a pirate faction for earning sovereigns?

Yes, joining a pirate faction can provide you with access to exclusive missions and challenges that reward you with sovereigns. Additionally, factions often offer resources and support that can aid you in your quest for wealth.

How should I prioritize spending my sovereigns on ship upgrades?

Prioritizing ship upgrades that align with your playstyle and objectives is essential. Focus on enhancing areas that will give you a significant advantage in combat or trading to maximize the effectiveness of your investment.

Are there any other ways to earn sovereigns besides missions and trading?

Yes, looting defeated enemies, raiding coastal settlements, and participating in faction-specific activities can also yield sovereigns. Explore the game world and look for opportunities to earn sovereigns through various activities.


Earning sovereigns in “Skull and Bones” requires a combination of skill, strategy, and daring. By completing missions, trading goods, joining factions, engaging in PvP combat, and spending your sovereigns wisely, you can amass wealth and become a feared pirate captain. So hoist the Jolly Roger, set sail, and claim your fortune on the Indian Ocean!