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Take-Two CEO doesn’t want GTA 6 to stay stuck in the past


It’s safe to say that Grand Theft Auto 5 and its online equivalent (which is currently the most prominent component of the game) are among the most milked video games of all time. Multiple full-price editions have been released spanning three platform generations, a phenomena that makes me thankful to be a PC player, because we have a single version that we can modify and tweak to our liking.

However, with Rockstar Games stating that Grand Theft Auto 6 is now in production, it’s possible that the franchise is finally ready to go forward. This has been repeated by Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, who stated in an interview with that the franchise cannot afford to remain locked in the past.

You have to be willing to be different all of the time,” Zelnick added. “You must constantly be willing to provide them with what they desire. The moment you attempt to preserve the past, you are rendered irrelevant.

He went on to explain that he’s “thrilled” that Rockstar is working on a new Grand Theft Auto game, and that, despite their countless losses, NFTs are a valid issue to be concerned about. We think that NFTs are genuine, and why wouldn’t we? They have been observed in the actual world. As a company, we are firm believers in digital goods, and we have been selling digital items for a long time “he explained. “We believe in the value of rare products and the value of collectibles. The reason for our worry is that there is a lot of conjecture going on.