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Tchia – How to Get Cosmetics


Embark on a sartorial journey within the captivating realms of Tchia. In this expansive open-world adventure, you, as Tchia, navigate the vast map through aquatic feats, ascending cliffs, soaring through the skies, and gracefully sailing between enchanting islands. Starting with minimalistic cosmetic options, your journey unfolds into a tapestry of possibilities, offering a diverse array of global aesthetics from classic to cutting-edge. Delve into the nuances of cosmetic acquisition in Tchia with this guide, unveiling the secrets of enhancing your virtual persona.

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How to Unlock Cosmetics

You begin in Tchia with bare feet, a sensible hairstyle, and the standard mission dress for Tchia. Yes, the outfit is adorable, but why should we stick to just one? You can mix and match Tchia’s many cosmetic options, from contemporary to traditional island attire, as you progress through the game. Among the Tchia features that are customizable are:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Facewear
  • Hair
  • Face Paint
  • Neckwear
  • Bracelets
  • Backpacks
  • Gliders
  • Ukuleles

Tchia - How to Get Cosmetics

In addition, after you’ve unlocked Tchia’s boat, you can alter how it looks. The boat’s parts that you can alter are as follows:

  • Sails
  • Flags
  • Floaters
  • Wood types
  • Carpets

Where to Get Cosmetics in Tchia

Getting through the game is the first and most important step. Following a significant event, you will typically be presented with a few new cosmetic options, most of which will be similar to the previous experience. In addition, you can obtain cosmetics by opening chests containing priceless objects.

Viewpoints can be used to mark these hidden chests on a map, which is available throughout the archipelago. By eliminating a Maano camp, eliminating the soldiers, and setting their piles of cloth on fire, you can also obtain a chest. Ultimately, you can spend your money on cosmetics. Large claw machines can be found in some larger towns and cities; throw a trophy from any challenging activity into the slot machine for three chances to win a random cosmetic item.

Some cities also have cosmetic crates, which are sealed gifts that, when opened, reveal cosmetic sets. You must use the specified amount of Pearls and Braided Trinkets to open a Cosmetic Box. Each box has a sign indicating what you will get when you open it, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on things you won’t wear.


What do you do with the trophies in Tchia?

When players find a Claw Machine, they will undoubtedly notice that it has a bin attached to the front of it. Fans must choose a trophy from the main character’s backpack and place it into that bin in order to participate in this Tchia activity. They will get three attempts, regardless of the trophy they choose.

Is there combat in Tchia?

When fighting in Tchia, your adversaries usually vanish in a cloud of smoke or flame. Although there isn’t any blood in these fight scenes, the title does contain references to blood. Even though it’s frequently done for laughs, it’s still important to consider.

Where can I find pearls in Tchia?

Pearls are found underwater in seafloor-dwelling clams in Tchia. The largest obstacle, though, is finding them while maintaining enough energy to avoid drowning—especially if you need to find two of them for Tre’s coutme. From the surface, it is difficult to see a Clam unless the water is very clear.

Who is the main character in Tchia?

The main character of Tchia, a novel inspired by New Caledonia, follows her journey across a made-up archipelago to save her father who has been abducted and return the land to its natural state.