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Tchia – How to Set the Time


In the open-world adventure game Tchia, players assume the role of Tchia, whose father was abducted by Meavora, a vicious tyrant. Tchia possesses a unique talent that lets her manipulate both objects and animals. Tchia’s theme heavily incorporates music, and your adorable ukulele is put to more uses than just strumming up some nice tunes. Tchia has other magical abilities and can change the time of day by plucking a few strings on the ukulele. We refer to this as “Soul-Melodies.” You can learn how to set the time in tchia by reading this article:

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How to Set the Time of Day in Tchia With Soul-Melodies

For every hour of the day, you play four strings. Upon finishing the four-string melody, the screen will abruptly turn black and the time of day will alter. First, you need to remove your ukulele by pressing the “right” button on the controller’s directional pad in order to begin jamming and switch to “Soul-Melody Mode” (you can also press the “down” button to put it away).

Tchia - How to Set the Time

The notes will show up in the upper right corner of the screen, identified by color and an alphabetical letter. All of the songs that should be played at each time of day are listed at the bottom of the screen.

How to Set the Time to Midnight using the Soul Melody

To be able to alter time, players must advance through the main story and obtain the first soul melody that gives the Tchia the ability to do so. Players can alter the time once they have obtained the soul melody. Once you can alter time through soul melody, take these actions to do so:

1. The player must open the ukulele by pressing the right d-pad button.

2. Then, with a pattern below that must be followed in the Ukulele to change to that particular time, players will see the option to change the time to Dawn, Dusk, Noon, or Midnight.

3. Thus, players must hit these Notes to change the time to midnight.

  • B – > E – > E – > D

Tchia - How to Set the Time

4. The above notes will automatically be played in that pattern, and the time will change to midnight.

How to Find More Soul Melodies in Tchia

You must finish Rock Balancing tasks—indicated by a tiny rock stack waypoint on your screen or map—in order to unlock additional Soul Melodies. You must stack a series of randomly generated rocks in these minigames in order to reach the desired height.

The rocks can be repositioned and oriented using the left and right sticks. Then, you can drop them onto the stack by pressing A or X. We’re tinkering with the laws of physics here, so it’s not as hard as it sounds. As part of the game’s narrative, you’ll have to finish your first Rock Balancing in order to unlock the four Soul Melodies, which let you adjust the time of day to dawn, noon, dusk, or midnight.

Tchia - How to Set the Time

However, you’ll have to search for additional Rock Balancing locations buried throughout the archipelago if you’re looking for more Soul Melodies. Recall that you can annotate your map with shouts from elevated points of view to indicate activities, including nearby Rock Balancing locations.


What is the soul melody in Tchia?

Tchia offers the ability Soul Melodies. These are quick songs with a unique effect that Tchia plays on the ukulele. There are fourteen soul melodies in all. After finishing the Rock Balancing task in Chapter II – Tre’s Camp, the first four Soul Melodies can be unlocked there.

Where can I find clams in Tchia?

It is advised that you plunge into the water approximately halfway down, and then look around to see if any clams are on the bottom. After you locate a Clam, return to the surface to refuel before descending to retrieve it.

How do you increase stamina in Tchia?

Players need to locate and eat Stamina Fruit in order to increase Tchia’s stamina. Tchia can gather and eat these unique magic fruits, which are scattered throughout the islands, to increase her stamina meter.

How do you get inside the shipwreck in Tchia?

Off the coast of Madra Nöj, in a shipwreck, lies Tchia’s twelfth treasure chest. Players can swim off a nearby bridge or access this wreck by boat. The shipwreck’s bottom is where the chest is located. Swim down to it, then cut the chains holding the chest open with a crab.