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The latest update to Hogwarts Legacy has addressed a nagging issue


Hogwarts Legacy has been a huge hit ever since it was first released back in February, yet despite this, the game’s developer has been remarkably reticent about providing any further updates. This silence was finally broken with the release of a major update that included a large number of improvements to optimization as well as remedies for various bugs. Fans are just now starting to discover another modification that has been going unnoticed for quite some time in the Harry Potter game. These important changes include the addition of an Arachnophobia mode, which was previously unknown to players. The addition of new lines of conversation for Ignatia Wildsmith to deliver when players find a Floo Flame spot for the very first time is a positive upgrade that players are praising.

Ignatia Wildsmith is the creator of Floo Powder, and there is a monument of her at each and every one of the game’s fast travel locations. For those who may have just started playing Hogwarts Legacy recently, this information may be helpful. When it was first released, players were subjected to a seemingly unending bombardment of repeated talk from Ignatia if they so much as walked near a Floo Powder site. However, her dialogue frequency has since been lowered thanks to a minor update that was released some time ago.

The latest update to Hogwarts Legacy has addressed a nagging issue

Ignatia Wildsmith now has its own distinctive dialogue thanks to this major update, and players will be able to hear it whenever they explore a new place. Not only does this help to spice up her chat lines, which were becoming quite repetitive pretty quickly, but it also gives gamers some additional knowledge about particular regions. Ignatia, for instance, will make a remark to the effect that the player should keep a watch out for the Lord of the Shore when the player is first finding Cragcroft. This is a reference to San Bakar’s trial, in which the player is required to fight a Graphorn with the same name.

Another illustration of this may be seen when players find out for the first time where Keenbridge’s Floo Flame is located. Ignatia begins by expressing how enthusiastic she is about the hamlet, but she then advises the player to “hang onto [their] valuables,” which gives the impression that the location may not be the most secure place to be. If you can believe it, all of these lines have been present in the game’s files ever since it was first released; nevertheless, the majority of them have never been put to use. It is currently unknown why this ended up being the case, but new Hogwarts Legacy players who start the game on either PS4 or Xbox One will at least get the opportunity to enjoy all of these dialogue lines from the very beginning of the game.