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Tips for New Invisalign users


Invisalign is a clear tray worn over your teeth. Although it may sound strange, many people have started using this new form of braces. The most important part of Invisalign is keeping up with your appointments! This means going to every appointment and following all the instructions given by your dentist or orthodontist. Here are a few tips that new Invisalign users should follow:

#1. Remember Your Appointments

This is the most important part of wearing Invisalign! You must go to each and every appointment to ensure that your teeth are moving correctly. It may be very tempting to skip an appointment or two, but this could ruin all your previous efforts. Only through consistent visits can you expect success with Invisalign.

#2. Keep up with Maintenance

Although you will not need braces tightened as often as traditional braces, you still need to keep up with maintenance appointments. These appointments are usually shorter than the original orthodontic workup because little adjustments need to be made after your teeth begin moving into place. Although it may sound like additional commitment to schedule these short follow-up visits, it will help to ensure your treatment’s success.

#3. Do Not Remove Your Trays Excessively

It can be tempting to take your trays out for special occasions or when you think they are unnecessary, but this will damage the treatment process. You must wear any retainer as instructed by your dentist or orthodontist. Taking off your retainer too frequently can shift teeth and ultimately need additional time in braces or even surgery!

#4. Keep Things Clean

A clean mouth is essential with Invisalign because it allows for food particles to be removed more easily from the trays before they start causing decay on the teeth underneath the plastic tray (and above it if it is a removable tray). We recommend rinsing your trays before and after every use, as well as brushing the teeth underneath the plastic with a soft toothbrush or a piece of dental floss once a day.

#5. Be Patient!

You might be eager to get your braces off now. However, patience is necessary to ensure future success with Invisalign. It typically takes an average of twenty-four months to wear time with Invisalign. You will likely feel some discomfort during this process as your teeth adjust to their new positions, but this should subside within the first several weeks of wearing your aligners. If you are still experiencing pain after six weeks, contact our office right away so we can help you feel better!

#6. Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet will allow proper growth and development of your teeth as they move into the correct position. It will also increase your odds of avoiding cavities and gum disease, which can result from poor nutrition. Eating a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and whole grains is ideal. Incorporating some sugar-free snacks or gum is acceptable as well if you are craving something sweet after dinner!

#7. Keep Track of Your Progress

You may want to consider taking pictures throughout your treatment with Invisalign so you can compare yourself after each visit! This will help in tracking your progress and feeling motivated when you are feeling discouraged.

#8. Do Not Stress!

A lot is riding on your treatment with Invisalign, but stress will only hinder your success. Don’t worry about forgetting a few appointments or forgetting to wear your retainers for a couple of days. Maintaining a positive attitude and reminding yourself why you wanted to wear Invisalign in the first place can help keep you on track! Many people ask “how much is Invisalign” but this is not the right question. It depends on your location, the progress of the treatment, and other factors.

#9. Take Advantage of Complimentary Services

As an Invisalign customer, you are entitled to certain perks for purchasing clear aligners through our office. Some examples include free whitening trays offered after six months of use, sunglasses at no extra charge during summertime, and complimentary consultations for having difficulty eating or speaking during the first two weeks of wearing your aligners.

In conclusion, Invisalign is a revolutionary method of teeth straightening that helps patients avoid the hassle and commitment of wearing metal braces under their lip or behind their teeth.