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Street Fighter 6: How to Get All Super Arts


Street Fighter 6 boasts numerous new innovations to the fighting game brand with one being the advent of World Tour Mode. In this role-playing game mode, you can learn from legends like Chun-li, Ryu, and Luke from previous games. Each fighter’s devastating Super Arts are a crucial part of their arsenal. These are the kinds of moves that may terminate fights swiftly or completely change the tide. Learn the ins and outs of obtaining all of Street Fighter 6’s super arts by reading this guide!

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How to Get All Super Arts

In Street Fighter 6, Super Arts can only be unlocked by meeting and training with the game’s masters in World Tour Mode. Once you have become a student to a master, boost your bond level with them to learn new moves. In World Tour Mode, your character starts off with only basic attacks, but as your friendship with your masters grows, you’ll gain access to more and more of their special skills.

Street Fighter 6: How to Get All Super Arts

You’ll start off by learning under Luke. By advancing through the main plot, you will gain access to his Super Art. You’ll run into Chun-li in Chinatown later on and pick her brain. If you keep completing objectives for each master, you’ll soon be able to use their Super Arts.

The following people will appear throughout your World Tour:

  • Chun-li
  • Luke
  • Ryu
  • Lily
  • Ken
  • Guile
  • Dhalsim
  • Manon
  • Marisa
  • Cammy
  • JP
  • Dee Jay
  • Juri
  • Blanka
  • Jamie
  • E. Honda
  • Zangief

How to Equip Super Arts

When you have mastered a Super Art, the next step is to outfit it with the appropriate gear. You can accomplish this task by opening the Status App on your mobile device. To bring up the multi menu and access your phone, use the choices button or the ESC key on your keyboard.

Street Fighter 6: How to Get All Super Arts

Once you have entered the menu, go to the tab labelled “profile” when you are ready. From this menu, you can access your phone in order to navigate to the status app and equip a Super Art. You can equip many Super Arts at the same time. Be sure to raise your bond level with all of the masters in order to unlock as many as you possibly can.


How do you do super art in Street Fighter 6?

To be able to perform Super Arts, players first need to fill up the Super Gauge that is located at the bottom of their side of the screen. The indicator will fill up with each successful attack that is made against the foe. This contains defenses that successfully block assaults, although for a reduced amount of meter gain.

How many FPS is Street Fighter 6 PC?

Depending on the number of characters on screen, Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode ran at either 45 or 60 frames per second. In terms of visual customization, you can adjust antialiasing, bloom, crowd density, and motion blur, among many other things.

Is Street Fighter 6 3D?

In World Tour, the player creates an avatar and engages in action-adventure gameplay across a variety of 3D environments, including Metro City from Final Fight and the small, fictional South Asian nation of Nayshall.

Who is the fastest Street Fighter character?

As one of the series’ quickest protagonists, Vega is also one of the most vulnerable. His strength is in long-range assaults, with the reach advantage offered by his claw, his speed and jumps. It’s possible for Vega to lose a claw in a fight.