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Apple Watch on Google Fi? Explaining Smartwatch Compatibility


Although Google Fi has announced that all of its wireless plans would allow smartwatch connectivity, it is not clear whether or not the Apple Watch is included on the list of supported devices. Google’s wireless service provider is now formally known as Google Fi Wireless after undergoing an official rebranding. Google Fi, which utilizes the network of T-Mobile, has just revised its existing plans and is now providing a free trial period of seven days to anyone who possesses an eSIM-compatible smartphone.

Connectivity for smartwatches is now included as part of Google Fi Wireless’s Simply Unlimited plan, which is one of the company’s newly introduced products. Previously, the Unlimited Plus and Flexible plans were the only ones to offer support for smartwatch connectivity. Additionally, in addition to the Pixel Watch, Google Fi now also supports the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch is not included on the list of devices that can use this feature. This is a bummer considering Google Fi is compatible with iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Apple Watch on Google Fi? Explaining Smartwatch Compatibility

Connectivity for smartwatches is now included at no additional charge across the board for all three Google Fi plans: Simply Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, and Flexible. Users will be able to utilize Google Fi on their wearable devices so long as they have an Android phone and either the Galaxy Watch 5 or the Pixel Watch. Previously, consumers who subscribed to the Simply Unlimited plan on Google Fi couldn’t use their smartwatches to access data, make calls, or send messages unless they were paired with a Google Fi smartphone through Bluetooth.

Once the Galaxy Watch 5 or the Pixel Watch has been connected to Google Fi, it is possible to use it for calls, messages, and data even if the Google Fi phone is not attached. Even when coupled with a smartphone operating on a 5G network, connection for smartwatches is currently restricted to 4G LTE only. This is something that should be kept in mind. Google also states that the connectivity of a smartwatch may not work if a smartphone is turned off or if the user is outside of the coverage area.

Users of the iPhone and iPad will have relatively less options while using Google Fi because they are unable to access the service on an Apple Watch or any other wristwatch for that matter. The addition of support for the Galaxy Watch 5 is, however, very much appreciated. iPhone customers have not had nearly as positive of an experience with Google Fi as Android users have. iPhone users got access to features like VPN and eSIM far later than Android users did, and the first 5G networks didn’t become available until March 2023, with connectivity available only on iPhone 12 and later models. It is abundantly clear that Google Fi is not the most advantageous carrier for iPhone consumers; hence, the absence of support for the Apple Watch is disheartening, but it is not exactly unexpected.