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Fastest Way to Get Clay in Astroneer


Astroneer in Clay

Not all materials are easy to find in Astroneer. In fact, some of the rarest and most coveted substances could be found from a single trip across planets or asteroids! Dirt is not one of these precious items – it can usually be easily mined on any planet you visit for just five units per block. However, don’t let that fool you: dirt mining may provide less time than other methods but still offers up much needed resources like clay which cannot always be obtained otherwise so quickly.

The quickest method to get Clay is to utilize the dirt axis. Topping off soil canisters and utilizing them to top off the rotator can permit you create 6 mud blocks in less than a minute.

Astroneer in Clay is a game about exploration, and the planets you explore are filled with resources that will help your colonists live comfortably. Each planet has different types of materials which can be combined to create new items essential for survival. The following list contains all seven distinctive galactic bodies or planets in Astroneer.
Clay – Contains clay minerals used to craft some basic structures like foundations, walls, floors and roofs; as well as other related building blocks such as stairs etc., but also metals (silver) needed for more advanced buildings on this world.

, Dirt is an asset that may seem pointless at first, but when you need it, dirt can never be forgotten. Dirt appears in more modest groups on certain planets and because of the tone it often becomes hard to track down.

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Where To Find Clay in Astroneer

Mud can be found on all planets in the game. In some areas, it shows up as earthy colored three-sided rocks that look very much like mud while in other locations you’ll find modest clumps of this substance making it hard to assemble a lot for trading purposes. Mud is traded at different trade stations and will offer various ornaments which could include things such as gems and precious stones depending upon what planet you happen to visit during your travels through outer space.

What Does Clay in Astroneer Resemble?

Dirt is hard to spot in some cases because of it looking like standard dirt and soil that show up normally. From a good ways, mud nearly has a rosy shine coming from it. The Astroneer picture below will help you identify them all the more easily! Don’t mistake them for rocks; look out for red/earthy colored shimmers on the tips of these items as seen in this photo above.

What is Clay Astroneer Used For?

Astroneer in Clay

Artistic has a few different purposes. One of them is to make earth, and that makes it very significant as well as important. This table will contain information about the uses for this asset and what you can create with just artistic or by mixing other resources together too so stay tuned.


The axis is a really simple machine to make. The materials you need for it are all listed below, and the instructions on how to put one together should be easy enough if you know what these parts do individually.

  • 2x Compound
  • 1x Aluminum

Soil Canisters

The following thing you will need to do is create soil canisters. I suggest creating at any rate 2 as the initial stage in this project, so that they are available. The subsequent step is mining some dirt- find land that doesn’t matter getting obliterated and mine for just a bit of time until your meter begins filling up on the screen when it’s green – once it gets full enough (completely topped off), head back towards spawn where there should be an axis which we’ll set down next.

Making The Clay

Put the dirt canisters into the axis and it will take two full cans to top off. Go in menu, discover mud when you find earth; if so fire up rotator for 6 blocks of soil! That’s all there is too it-the quickest technique while getting dirt

Crafting materials on each planet in Astroneer

Astroneer offers a near infinite number of planets to explore, each with their own specialties. Make Human in Little Alchemy should take time out from the grind and visit some more unexplored worlds for something different like Lithium or Argon!

Astroneer is a game that has you exploring a procedurally generated universe, and mining resources to craft items like transport sponsors or electric batteries. There are some planets however with pre-made supplies of certain materials in order for players to get started more quickly when they first launch the game! One such planet would be Sylva’s moon Desolo which features aluminum, zinc, and copper as its main three available ores. This means it could serve not only just as an excellent starter world but also offer players access to these key crafting materials early on so they can make midgame upgrades like drills or worklights without having to travel all over space gathering them one by one from various worlds (which will take quite awhile).

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