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Fastest Way to Get Clay in Astroneer

Fawad Pirzada


Astroneer in Clay

There are a few materials in Astroneer in Clay that are exceptionally hard to get and can expect you to make a trip to different planets. Dirt isn’t one of these materials. Mud can be found on each planet and isn’t that elusive. That doesn’t mean mining dirt stores is the quickest and best approach to get it.

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The quickest method to get Clay is to utilize the dirt axis. Topping off soil canisters and utilizing them to top off the rotator can permit you to make 6 mud blocks.

There are seven distinctive galactic bodies or planets in Astroneer in Clay, and every one of them offers a one of a kind arrangement of making materials. Monitoring every one of the various assets accessible on every planet is very difficult, which is the reason we’ve assembled the accompanying rundown of Astroneer in Clay planets and creating materials.

Dirt is an asset that may appear to be pointless from the start yet MK2 Carbine Best Class Setups when you need it, it is one of those assets that you can never appear to discover. Earth generates normally on certain planets. It is ordinarily in more modest groups. Because of the tone if can regularly be hard to track down.

Where To Find Clay in Astroneer

Mud can be found on all planets in the game in various sums. It will show up on a superficial level as earthy colored three-sided formed rocks that look somewhat like mud. It will frequently be in more modest clumps which makes it somewhat hard to assemble a lot of it for making. Earth can likewise be traded for different assets in the accompanying areas.

What Does Clay in Astroneer Resemble?

Dirt is difficult to spot in some cases because of it looking like standard shakes and soil that show up normally. From a good ways, mud nearly has a rosy shading shine coming from it. The Astroneer in Clay picture underneath will assist you with recognizing it all the more without any problem. Try not to mistake it for rocks, search for the red/earthy colored shine like you can see on the tips of the material in this picture.

What is Clay Astroneer Used For?

Astroneer in Clay

Artistic has a few uses which makes the obtaining of earth very significant and important. The table beneath will contain a full rundown, all things considered, and things that can be created utilizing only this asset or a blend of others.


The axis is really simple to make. This machine permits you to transform soil into different substances. This machine can be imprinted on a medium printer and requires the materials recorded underneath.

  • 2x Compound
  • 1x Aluminum

Soil Canisters

The following thing you will need to do is create soil canisters. I suggest creating at any rate 2. The subsequent stage is to mine some dirt. Discover some land that you wouldn’t fret getting obliterated and mine the dirt. As you mine, you will see the meter on your dirt canisters will begin to top off. When your canisters are totally topped off and green, you can advance back to the axis.

Making The Clay

Feel free to put the dirt canisters into the axis. It takes two full canisters to top off the axis. Go into the menu and discover mud. When you discover dirt, you can feel free to fire the rotator up. 6 earth squares will generate. That is practically it. This is the quickest technique to utilize while getting dirt.

Crafting materials on each planet in Astroneer

Every one of the seven distinct planets in Astroneer offer their own exceptional assets. To discover more uncommon assets like Lithium or Argon, Make Human In Little Alchemy should wander out into the void of room and start to investigate different planets.

The second stop in Astroneer in Clay ought to in all likelihood be Sylva’s moon Desolo, which is a little and simple planet (indeed, we realize moons aren’t planets) with prepared supplies of Aluminum, Zinc, and Copper. These materials are ideal for creating transport sponsors, mid-game drill updates, Worklights, or Medium Batteries. Here are arrangements of which creating materials are accessible on which planets, with subtleties pulled from the Astroneer wiki on Gamepedia just as the Astroneer subreddit.

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