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Fortnite Hackers Earn Big Amount Of Money From Selling The Stolen Accounts


Fortnite v bucks

Some teenage hackers have been reported to earn big amount of money from selling the stolen Fortnite’s accounts.

Yes, this shocking news comes from the popular Battle Royale game which developed by Epic. Previously, many users have complained that they are no longer able to log into their Fornite’s accounts. The problem which called with the ‘Fortnite Cracking’ recently has revealed.

In an interview with BBC, a teenager from Slovenia admit that he has earned the amount of £16,000 or around $20,000 in the last seven months, from selling the stolen Fortnite’s accounts.


First, these hackers use the “Credential Stuffing” technique to access the lists of exposed usernames/email addresses and passwords from hacked servers. Then they use the same “Credential Stuffing” technique to log into Fortnite’s site.

And if they are lucky, hackers can get an account which the original owner has purchased V-bucks, the internal currency for Fortnite.

V-bucks are Fortnite’s currency for purchase in-game accessories like character models, weapons, skins for their backpacks, emotes, and more. Some of these accessories are really costly and limited. If a hacked account owns these items, the hacker will gain a big amount of money by selling them.

However, there are some ways which can prevent your Fortnite’s account from getting stolen by the hackers, you can see below:

  • Using 2-Factor Authentication. Fornite provides 2FA mode, which will block anyone to access your account. Once you turn on 2FA mode, Fortnite will send a code to your confirmed email. Fortnite even gives the players some gifts such as backpack slots, Troll Stash Llama and free emotes just for switching on 2FA in their account.
  • Fortnite also supports mobile authentication apps.
  • Don’t use the same password for your Fortnite’s account with your other online account. If you are using the same password for your Fortnite’s account with your email, then you will not just possibly lose your Fortnite’s account, but you will also lose your email account as well.

Well, what are you waiting for? Use one of those ways above, or instead, use them all to protect your Fortnite’s account from getting stolen!

Fortnite is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, PC, and Android.