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Gran Turismo 7’s PS5, PS4 Platinum Will Be Time Consuming But Attainable


In fact, according to Sony’s own data, just 0.1 percent of GT Sport owners were able to achieve the Platinum Trophy in the game. That’s because Polyphony Digital threw in some slog gongs that required 91 online victories and an absurd amount of XP in order to reach the top of the leaderboard. In general, it appears that the Japanese developer has learnt his lesson, since the Trophies in Gran Turismo 7 are considerably more straightforward than in previous games.

GT Planet has obtained the whole list of PS5 and PS4 Trophies after a number of copies were mailed early in the United States this weekend, according to the site. It’s not dissimilar to GT Sport in that you’ll organically acquire many of the Trophies as you go through the game’s basic gameplay. This can involve duties such as cleaning a car ten times or taking 100 shots of the same object.

However, there are certain gongs that take a long time to strike. For example, in online multiplayer, you’ll need to travel a total of 8,197 miles, which will take you a good several hours to complete. You’ll also need to get 100% on all of your licencing exams, which may be difficult if you’re not used to playing simulation racing games. The remainder, on the other hand, is rather simple; you’ll need particular automobiles in some cases, such as reaching 373mph, but the vast majority will arrive without any effort.