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Homework Help Apps and Tools: Enhancing Learning Outside the Classroom


Homework Help Apps and Tools

In today’s digitally advanced era, there’s no denying that advanced tools and apps have pushed education to the cutting edge. Technological improvements have eased students’ academic lives and increased their productivity and efficiency. No wonder 96% of students, especially children, use digital tools to learn things faster and complete their work on time.

While digital tools have helped learners overcome real-world homework problems by a great deal, countless online homework help platforms have also emerged to help students cope with urgent deadline pressure. 

A digital forum that offers customized homework help to students across all academic domains. A team of highly qualified and skilled academicians tirelessly works round the clock to provide customized support with tricky homework requirements. You can check this site for comprehensive guidance if you are considering getting help with your complicated assignment questions.

Nonetheless, if you are not keen on using online homework help services, the following list of apps and tools are worth using for completing homework on time. 

  • Brainly 

Brainly is a widely used app among students seeking help with math, biology, physics, or history. The app is super user-friendly and delivers accurate solutions in seconds. To generate solutions, you can type in questions or take pictures of them and upload them. Subject matter experts and moderators verify all explanations from teachers and fellow students to ensure 100% quality. 

Price: $18 for a 6-month subscription and $24 for an annual pack 

Best for: 24/7 homework support

  • Photomath 

Math sums will no longer give you nightmares as you have Photomath to solve your math problems permanently. With the app, you can take a picture of your math problem and instantly get a step-by-step solution and a detailed explanation of the key concepts. Further, you will get access to countless animated videos simplifying mathematical problems in all complicated mathematical concepts, including advanced Calculus. Although the basic text services are free, for an additional fee, you can access one-to-one tutoring, extra study tools, and other additional services for solving math problems.

Price: Free (or up to $59.99 annual charges for additional services) 

Best for: Detailed explanations of math problems

  • Studypool

You’ll find a few great resources when searching for homework-help tools for STEM and English. Many students use Grammarly for proofreading assignments, SparkNotes for summaries, and Khan Academy for science subjects. But what if you could find all these features in one app? If so, then Studypool is the best app for you. 

You can create a free account, ask questions, and get bids from tutors for answers. Here, you can select the tutor, fix the price point, and pay the amount for the solutions to your questions. For a small additional fee, you can access an extensive selection of notes, lectures, and other academic documents shared by top-rated tutors. 

Price: Varies as you pay for each question you submit

Best for: Homework assistance for English and Science subjects

  • MyStudyLife

A lot of students look for homework help to organize their study routine and assignment deadlines. If you relate, MyStudyLife is a great option for you. This cross-platform planner will help you track your class schedule, upcoming tests, deadlines, and homework tasks in the cloud so you can track them whenever needed from any device. The app is perfect for students with rotating class schedules to track deadlines based on the changing schedule. 

Further, the tool will remind you of upcoming classes, deadlines, and past-due homework assignments and revisions. Best of all, you will get alerts for scheduled assignments, tests, study sessions, and more every night so you can plan your time accordingly. 

Price: Free

Best for: Time management and scheduling assignment deadlines

  • Zookal Study

Often, students require immediate assistance with their homework from experienced tutors because of the stringent deadlines. If you are one of them, try Zookal Study for prompt services. Unlike most homework help apps, Zookal delivers accurate solutions in as little as 20 minutes. 

You can use the website’s app to keep track of all your homework questions and answers and gain access to a well-stocked library of online solutions. Moreover, the app can be used in any browser to access textbooks, flashcards, videos, and more. To use the app, you can type your questions or upload a picture of a homework question. 

Price: Free; in-app purchases available 

Best for: Homework help

Many handy homework apps are available online to reduce your homework burden. If you are considering using an app, try the suggestions listed above.