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How to Change DNS Settings on Nintendo Switch


The Minecraft Bedrock Edition may be played on the Nintendo Switch, and it is compatible with play on other platforms. Because of limitations imposed by its hardware, the Nintendo Switch is typically unable to connect to any private servers. You are, however, able to play on any Minecraft server you like by making a few simple adjustments. Wi-Fi is required for the gaming platform in order to establish an internet connection, as you are all aware. Your connection may turn out to be incredibly inefficient and inconsistent, which is something that the vast majority of you are unaware of. It is strongly suggested that you optimize your DNS settings in order to resolve the issue. The following instructions will walk you through changing the DNS settings on your Nintendo Switch:

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How to Change DNS Settings on Nintendo Switch

Changing a Nintendo Switch console’s Domain Name System (DNS) settings is not overly complicated. However, not all of us possess the required competence in technology to carry it out successfully. As a consequence of this, the following steps have been offered to you to simplify that process:

1. Select the Settings option from the menu when you go to the Home Screen on your Nintendo Switch.

How to Change DNS Settings on Nintendo Switch

2. To change your Internet settings, go to “Internet” > “Internet Settings” on your menu bar.

3. After choosing the Wi-Fi Network you are currently connected to, click Change Settings.

How to Change DNS Settings on Nintendo Switch

4. Position the dial so that it reads “Manual.”

How to Change DNS Settings on Nintendo Switch

5. After selecting, continue holding the B button to delete the Primary DNS. Proceed with Secondary in the same manner as Primary.

How to Change DNS Settings on Nintendo Switch

6. You will need to make the appropriate adjustments under the DNS server that you have chosen.

7. To continue, click the OK button.


Is it safe to change DNS on switch?

Your device or network won’t be harmed in any way if you decide to switch from the DNS service you’re using now to one that’s more secure. You have the ability to undo any changes you make and test out various servers based on where you are located. You just need to input the new primary and secondary DNS IP addresses that you want into the settings of your router.

What does changing DNS do on switch?

Your Internet connection is only as fast as your Internet service provider’s resources allow it to be. Game lags are the single most frustrating experience that an online gamer can have, and they are almost certain to occur if your service provider does not invest adequately in the infrastructure of their servers. If you change your DNS settings, it’s possible that you’ll end up utilizing a server that relatively few other people use.

Is still the fastest DNS?

According to the impartial DNS monitor DNSPerf, the service is the quickest DNS provider in the planet. Because a DNS request is the starting point for virtually all of the actions you take on the Internet, selecting the most efficient DNS directory for use across all of your devices will speed up nearly all of your online activities.

Does DNS hide your IP?

The DNS feature does not encrypt data or mask your IP address like a virtual private network (VPN) does. However, it may provide you with the benefits of a virtual private network (VPN) without the possibility of reduced speeds, which are said to occasionally occur as a result of encryption.