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How to Change the Font on Discord


Changing the font used in posts and messages can improve the Discord user experience. Although there aren’t many default options, with a little assistance you can alter the typefaces that show up in chat or messages. You probably spend hours each day staring at the Discord app if you use it to chat with friends or meet other players. Unfortunately, switching between typefaces on Discord is more difficult than simply choosing another option from a selection. Nevertheless, there are a few ways to change the font’s appearance, and we’ll go over them all. You may learn how to modify the font in the Discord client in this page. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Change the Font on Discord

There is no native way to change the gg sans typeface that Discord uses throughout its client. Many users have asked for this functionality for years, but Discord hasn’t indicated that it would be implemented. As a result, there are only a few workarounds left to change Discord’s font.

The Discord interface can be altered in a few different ways, some of which also somewhat alter the font’s appearance. Start by selecting Appearance from the left-hand menu on the desktop by clicking the cog symbol in the lower-left corner.

How to Change the Font on Discord

There are three choices available here:

  • Chat font scaling: Alters the font size in messages.
  • Space between message groups: Reduces the distance between message groups, which are collections of consecutive messages from a single person.
  • Zoom level: Magnification settings are available for the entire Discord client.

How to Change the Font on Discord

With the exception of zoom level, which immediately alters the client, you can see a preview of the changes as you make them at the top. On the slider, the default is represented by the green figures. Your modifications are automatically saved. You have fewer options while using a mobile device. To access the sidebar, swipe right to see it. Click your profile photo, then click Appearance. Zoom level and Classic chat text size toggle switches are located here. When done, press Save.

Use Different Fonts on Discord With Third-Party Tools

The option to alter Discord’s fonts is available in some third-party applications. It includes BetterDiscord. You may alter Discord’s CSS using this tool, among other things. BetterDiscord should be used with caution. The application violates Discord’s rules of service, as it admits. You use this tool at your own risk even if the site’s FAQ claims there is no proof that Discord cares if you alter the client.


What is the new font in Discord?

Discord will start using our new, unique font, gg sans, on all of its surfaces as of December 1, 2022. Everything will use gg sans as its typeface, including our website, blog, and the mobile and desktop apps for Discord.

Why is my Discord font big?

Open Discord and click the User Setting button in the bottom left corner of your screen as your first step. After descending, select Appearance. To access Chat Font Scaling, scroll down. Select any Chat Scaling option from the list by clicking on it.

Is the new Discord font old vs new?

The new logo and typography are more streamlined and contemporary than the previous one, which was big and eye-catching. The platform’s distinctive visual identity came from the former logo’s unique font, but the new font is more widely used and easier to read, opening it up to a wider audience.

Why did Discord change logo?

More subtly, the new Discord logo tries to convey the company’s friendliness and playfulness while yet being recognizable to its more seasoned users. It most likely reflects the business’ relatively recent efforts to reach out to a wider clientele and shed its gaming-focused image.

What was old Discord font?

Reverting Discord’s font change to Whitney is as easy as using some CSS. I don’t claim any credit for the CSS; anyone who does is crazy. Discord created the CSS, however I’m hosting the fonts on GitHub to reduce the possibility of them being removed from Discord’s servers.