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How to Change your YouTube Language on Desktop


It’s probably reasonable to assume that YouTube is the most popular website for watching videos online. YouTube has something for everyone, regardless of where they are from or what language they speak, whether they are seeking for cooking tutorials, music videos, or even updates from their favourite vloggers.

YouTube is not limited to those who speak only the English language. The website makes it possible for you to quickly switch the language that is shown by default. This is how you do it on your desktop computer.

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How to Change your YouTube Language on Desktop

1. Navigate to, where you will be prompted to log in using the username and password associated with your account.

2. To access the menu that drops down from the little round button that displays your profile image in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, click on the button.

3. Select your language using the drop-down menu.

How to Change your YouTube Language on Desktop

4. When you click through to the following page, you will be presented with a list of languages that YouTube can be viewed in. You can select the language you want to use by scrolling down until you find it and then clicking on it.

How to Change your YouTube Language on Desktop

5. As of right now, YouTube will start running in the language that you choose automatically. Simply repeat the steps indicated above in order to select a different language or revert to the English version of the website.


Why is YouTube in wrong language?

To view your profile picture, click here. Select either the Language or Location option. To utilise a different language or location, just click the corresponding button.

Why is my YouTube in Russian?

It’s also possible that you changed the timezone in your Google or YouTube account settings. Since Google and YouTube accounts are integrated, this means that if your Google preferences are switched to the Russian language or even the Russian location, your Youtube preferences will follow suit.

Welcome to Android Central! I’m going to presume that everything is written in Chinese, is that correct? Return to the home screen, select Settings from the menu that appears, and then scroll all the way down until you reach the category that should be labelled System. Extend that category, and then press the one that has a “A” icon next to it; this should bring up the Language menu.

What happens if I change the language on my iPhone?

Even if you switch the language settings on your iPhone, Siri will continue to speak in the original language. However, you have the ability to train Siri to speak and understand a variety of languages. There is no requirement that the language used by Siri correspond with the language settings of your device.

What happens if I change my region on iPhone?

The Issue That Occurs When You Alter Your iTunes or App Store Country

When you change the country associated with your Apple ID, you will no longer have access to any purchases you have previously made in the iTunes Store or the App Store. Everything that is already on your smartphone can still be accessed and used, and any apps that you have previously acquired will continue to receive updates.

Why is my Google search in another language?

Open Settings > Search settings. Choose the country or area that corresponds to the Google domain that you are using in the Settings for Regions section at the bottom of the page. To save your changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button. Altering the language settings and saving your changes may be required as well.