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How to Clear Suggested Searches on Instagram on iPhone


When you use the Instagram app to do a search, the app will give you with a list of additional search ideas that will further aid you in identifying the material that you are looking for. These ideas can be found in the search suggestions section of the app. In order to provide you with these recommendations, Instagram took into account the accounts that you already follow, as well as other recent searches that you’ve conducted and topics that Instagram thinks you might be interested in watching.

If you do not wish to take any of these recommendations into consideration, you are free to do so. If this is the course of action that you decide to pursue.

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How to Clear Suggested Searches on Instagram

1. Launch the Instagram app, then tap the icon that resembles a magnifying glass near the bottom of the screen.

2. Navigate to the very top of the screen and select the “Search” option from the menu that appears there. If everything works as it should, you should be able to see the search suggestion results appear up between the input box and the keyboard.

3. To remove a search suggestion, use the “X” button that is found on the right side of the screen for the specific search suggestion you want to remove. It is suggested that the proposition be abandoned as an option.

You have the option to delete all of your suggested searches; however, keep in mind that whenever you perform a search in the future, Instagram will offer you fresh ideas for searches it thinks you might be interested in. You have the option to delete as many suggestions as you like, but you are unable to completely turn off this feature.

How to Clear Recent Searches on Instagram

1. Launch the Instagram app on your device and press the profile icon located in the program’s bottom-right corner. This will allow you to access your account.

2. Use your finger to swipe to the left at the top of your profile page, or tap the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the screen.

3. Select the desired configuration by clicking the Settings button, which can be found at the very bottom of the sidebar.

4. Go to the “Security” menu, then select the option to “Clear Search History” from that menu.

5. On the screen that shows your previous search results, you will need to confirm that you want to proceed with this operation by pressing the button labelled “Clear Search History.”

Instagram will delete any recent searches you had previously saved on their platform. Because it is impossible to eliminate this feature entirely, any new searches you conduct will, after a little delay, be added to the list of recent searches automatically.



Can you reset Instagram algorithm?

The Instagram explore page can be simply refreshed, which is a yes. Clear your whole search history by going to Settings and doing so. On the Instagram Explore page, you also have the option of doing so manually by clicking the “Not Interested” button next to each post that you do not find appealing.