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How to Connect an Apple Pencil to your iPad


One of the most impressive styluses you can get for use with your iPad is the Apple Pencil. The Pencil is convenient in both its use and storage, regardless of the version you have. On the other hand, due to the fact that everything is wireless, it is not immediately clear what steps you will need to do in order to link the Apple Pencil with your iPad. To our relief, the process of pairing just takes a few seconds. This article will walk you through the process of connecting any Apple Pencil to your iPad.

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How to Connect an Apple Pencil to your iPad

Simply charging your Apple Pencil with the iPad you intend to use it with is all that is required to establish a connection between the two devices.

If you have an Apple Pencil from the first generation, you will need to unscrew the cap on the back of the Pencil and then put it into the charging port on your iPad. If you have an Apple Pencil from the second generation, you can skip this step. Touch the “Pair” button that appears on the screen when you have successfully unlocked your iPad.

How to Connect an Apple Pencil to your iPad

If you have an Apple Pencil of the second generation, you can connect it to the iPad using the magnetic connector that is found on the edge of the device. If it asks you if you want to pair the device, make sure to tap the button that says “Pair.”

How to Connect an Apple Pencil to your iPad

Your Apple Pencil and iPad will continue to be connected to one another even if you restart the iPad, switch it to Airplane Mode, or connect it to another iPad.


Why is Apple Pencil not connecting?

If your Apple Pencil is acting unresponsive, then the battery probably needs to be replaced. You can try charging the pencil by either putting it into your iPad (Pencil 1) or by resting it on the side of your iPad (Pencil 2) and allowing it to do so for around ten minutes. Then give it another shot with it. There is a possibility that you may need to reestablish connection with your iPad.

How long does it take to charge Apple Pencil?

Answers that are helpful. You’ll receive around half an hour’s worth of use from only fifteen seconds of charging. Approximately ten minutes are required for a full charging.

Why won’t my Apple Pencil charge on my iPad?

Check to see if the connector for the pencil and the iPad port are both clean.

After some period of time, dust will begin to form on the connector of the Apple Pencil, particularly in the lightning port of the iPad. If you are having issues with charging the pencil, you should clean the Apple Pencil connector as well as the port on the iPad. Using a soft cloth, you should be able to clean the pencil connecter.

Is it OK to charge Apple Pencil all the time?

If you own an Apple Pencil, charging it on a regular basis, regardless of whether or not you’ve used it, is absolutely necessary in order to prevent the battery from suffering from a deep discharge. It is imperative that you do not leave a pencil in a state of low charge for any length of time, as this can cause the internal battery to die, rendering the pencil ineffective.