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How to Do QTEs in The Quarry


The Quarry is a narrative-driven interactive horror adventure game in which players take turns assuming control of a variety of characters in an effort to make it through the night. During the course of the story that is being told, there will be points at which you will be required to make decisions that could have an impact on the way your character evolves as well as the path that the plot takes. A quick-time event, or QTE, is a game element that occurs when the player is given a limited amount of time to respond to a specific request from the game. The Quarry makes this challenging by not providing any instructions on what to do and utilising an image that is unclear. You will learn how to complete Quick Time Events (QTEs) in The Quarry by reading this article:

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How to Do QTEs in The Quarry

Quick Time Events aren’t as difficult as they may seem at first glance. The game will get you ready by displaying an analogue stick with two circles surrounding it; the first circle is little, and the second circle is enormous. When it draws closer to the point where input is being requested, the larger circle will begin to close in on the smaller one.

When the larger circle moves into the smaller one, the game will ask you to point the analogue stick in a specific direction. In order to successfully complete the Quick Time Event (QTE), you will need to move the left analogue stick in the specified direction. It is challenging since the input appears to be a button in the shape of a circle rather than an analogue stick. If you have the Simple QTE mode selected, all you have to do when the game tells you to move the analogue stick is press any button on your keyboard.

All accessibility options/cheats

Utilising the various accessibility options will make the game more manageable. Some people might consider it cheating, but if it helps you win, then it’s probably fine.

Colour Blind Setting

In the Quarry, those who are colourblind can choose between two different settings: one is designed for those who have protanopia, while the other is designed for those who have deuteranopia. The inability to see red light or colours is referred to as protanopia, and the inability to sense green light or colours is referred to as deuteranopia.

This does not help a player get an advantage in the game in any way. Those individuals who have difficulties seeing certain colours will find that this simple change makes the colours more distinguishable.

Choice Timer

Increasing the Choice Timer provides players with additional time to deliberate over difficult options when it really matters. However, if you require an infinite amount of time, all you have to do is pause the game.

Simple QTEs

In order to keep the player on the edge of their seat, quick time events can call for any button at any time. The Quarry requires analogue motions to be performed in a specific direction. Even though you have time to prepare for the QTE, waiting for the directions to click the button may still be an extremely stressful experience. When Simple Quick Time Events are enabled, the player is allowed to complete the QTE by pressing any button on their controller.

Interrupt Speed

You only have a set period of time in which you can interrupt actions; therefore, you can adjust it from its default setting to one that better suits your needs.

How to Do QTEs in The Quarry

Button Mash

Many of us take pleasure in rapidly pushing the buttons, and some older gamers are actually very adept at it because earlier games are more challenging. Other players, however, do not share this enjoyment. When Button Mash is disabled, all you have to do to use a button displayed on the screen is hold it down for a few seconds rather than rapidly push it.

How to Do QTEs in The Quarry

QTE Speed

The ability to respond rapidly is the objective of a Quick Time Event. There are a lot of people who would prefer not have to deal with having to pay total attention to movie moments and wait for opportunities to interact with the characters. This can be done to either slow down or speed up the Quick Time Events.

Aim Assist

You can make things a lot simpler by employing the use of aim assist if the idea of trying to aim rapidly under intense strain is not something that appeals to you. It helps you by shifting your aim closer to the target, which creates a more even distribution of force.


How do you hit the QTE in The Quarry?

There are two distinct varieties found within The Quarry. You will either need to conduct a directional Quick Time Event (QTE), in which case you will be required to move to the left, right, up, or down depending on the prompt, or a mash action button Quick Time Event, in which case you will be required to press the action key multiple times until the QTE is finished.

What if Ryan doesn t stab Bobby?

If Bobby had not been stabbed, he would have been able to defend his family against Chris and make it out of the situation alive. Chris would then have turned his attention on Ryan. If he was stabbed, he will have his neck slit, and his parents will be left without him. If he manages to go through this fight alive, you won’t see him again for the remainder of the game.

Who has the least play time in The Quarry?

The characters will make jokes both while they are in danger and when they are not, either because they are trying to relieve some of the stress or because they are flirting with one another. They do not receive anything like an equal amount of screentime, which is unfortunate. Abi and Emma have the fewest number of playable sequences out of all of the characters, while Ryan has the most.

Who does Abigail like in The Quarry?

Nick. At the beginning of the game, Nick and Abigail both develop crushes on each other but are too timid to make any kind of move towards one another.