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Destiny 2

How to Farm Neomuna Weapon Patterns in Destiny 2


If you want a God Roll Volta Bracket, you need to know how to farm red border Neomuna weapons. Destiny 2 Lightfall has introduced a lot of amazing new weapons, and if you want one, you need to know how to farm them. In Destiny 2, the Lightfall expansion made it possible for players to manufacture a whole new arsenal of weaponry. The expansion added a new area known as Neomuna, where you may find some of the game’s most impressive ones. You will learn how to farm Neomuna weapon Patterns in this article for Destiny 2, which can be found here. So let’s get started:

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How to Farm Neomuna Weapon Patterns in Destiny 2

To farm Neomuna weapon Patterns, you must execute dozens of Heroic patrols. Heroic patrols have a chance to drop an extractable Pattern weapon, and while this may seem slow, it is the greatest way to gain Patterns outside of main quests and optional quests. Here, you’ll need to use the Terminal Overload node on the Neomuna map to load into the game. In contrast to using the rapid travel points, this will cause a new instance to be loaded for you. Bring your Ghost and load into Terminal Overload (found on the map) to find a Heroic patrol.

How to Farm Neomuna Weapon Patterns in Destiny 2

Use the Liming Harbor fast travel point if you don’t see one and the Terminal Overload event is in either Zephyr Concourse or Ahimsa Park. Bring your Ghost up when you load in and search for a Heroic patrol to join. To check for one, pull up a map and start Terminal Overload again if you didn’t find one. If the Terminal Overload is scheduled for that day in Liming Harbor, look for Heroic patrols in that area before reloading the activity.

If you come across a Heroic patrol, you should finish it immediately. One type calls for dispatching an enemy in a particular area, while the other wants you to wipe off ten foes with pinpoint accuracy. I used Arbalest for the latter because it effectively kills enemies with single, well-placed blows. It doesn’t matter which patrol you get; I was using a Rocket Launcher and Witherhoard while I was killing an individual. You should pick an efficient method, as you will perform many of these.

How to Farm Neomuna Weapon Patterns in Destiny 2

Here, you’ll want to equip a Ghost with the Wombo Detector mod and speed through as many Heroic patrols as possible. This will scan a 50-meter radius for caches and resources, allowing you to level up Nimbus. Don’t bother going out of your way to rob chests and collect materials; I gained no Patterns from improving my standing with Nimbus. Still, you might as well take everything while you’re there.

It’s inevitable that as you keep piling data into Terminal Overload, some of the processes will be nearing completion. Ignore it and keep loading in and searching for Heroic patrols if Patterns are all that matters to you. If you have a few minutes, you can help wrap up the event and get some rewards. Terminal Overload is a dead end for Patterns, but the god roll versions of the three weapons it drops could be worth it. While you’re mindlessly farming, it’s a good idea to pick up some bounties from Nimbus and Banshee-44 as well.

How to Farm Neomuna Weapon Patterns in Destiny 2

Finally, I’d like to stress that farming isn’t synonymous with rapid. Despite its apparent simplicity, this procedure required considerable time to complete. Two or three hours of farming could be achieved with as few as three Patterns. Guardians, try to keep your hopes in check. Ten to fifteen Heroic patrols can pass without a single Pattern, or two can occur in quick succession. It’s entirely at random, but you will obtain all of them eventually. Don’t exhaust yourself. Don’t be shy about joining in the fun at the game. You could do a little farming on the side here and there and let chance take care of the rest.


How do you get Patterns in Destiny 2?

Primarily, red-bordered Resonant weapons are the key to unlocking Weapon Patterns. You can also gain access to some Patterns by completing side missions. Inspecting a weapon that has been disassembled using Deepsight will allow you to both claim the Pattern and make progress on the Pattern.

What is the hardest gun to get in Destiny 2?

In a nutshell, Redrix’s Claymore is an extremely ruthless distributor of death. The Redrix’s Claymore, Destiny 2’s most elusive and difficult-to-obtain weapon. However, it is not very common because it is so challenging to acquire.

What is the fastest-firing gun in Destiny 2?

The finest sniper rifle available in Destiny 2

With an optimal time to kill of 1.17 seconds, the Black Scorpion-4SR is currently the best Scout rifle available in the beta for Destiny 2. Since this is the Scout archetype with the highest rate of fire in Destiny 2 (at least as far as we are aware), you will need to land 6 headshots to achieve a time of 1.17.

What is the hardest-hitting sniper in Destiny 2?

Arguably, the Succession Sniper Rifle obtained from the Deep Stone Crypt raid is the greatest option accessible to you if you seek a Sniper Rifle with a high damage output. In Season of the Seraph, it received a perk refresh; nevertheless, its new perk combinations cannot compete with its top-tier variety, which comprises Reconstruction and Recombination.

How many hours have I played Destiny 2?

You may locate a list of the games you’ve played by pressing the R1 button, which will take you to the Games tab. If you scroll down until you find Destiny 2, you should be able to see the number of hours you’ve spent playing the game to the right of your trophy progress.