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How to Start Project Overthrow in GTA Online


The GTA Online Project Overthrow missions are the backbone of the most recent update. These objectives lay out the storyline of taking on the Merryweather Security private army to stop them from eliminating all of the competing criminal organizations. You will be called by Charlie Reed, a skilled pilot and mechanic, as soon as you start the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update. Charlie Reed is in the process of putting up an elite squadron known as the Los Santos Angels, and he wants you to be its leader. This post will explain how to begin Project Overthrow in GTA Online. Joining Charlie and the rest of the crew in GTA Online is not as easy as heading to a mission marker, as you will first need to invest in certain assets before you can get things started. So let’s get started:

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How to Start Project Overthrow in GTA Online

You should get a phone call from Charlie outlining his plans for the Los Santos Angels when you start playing Grand Theft Auto Online again after installing the update. After that, you will be instructed to purchase the Avenger plane and the Operations Terminal upgrade from Warstock Cache & Carry. The option to do so is located in the top-right corner of the website, and it is easy to miss. Because purchasing both the Avenger and the Operations Terminal will cost you a total of $4,900,000, if you do not already have an endless supply of cash on hand, you will need to find a way to make money quickly in GTA Online to be able to pay the bill.

How to Start Project Overthrow in GTA Online

The enhanced Avenger will be immediately transported to an industrial location in Cypress Flats, as seen on the map above. Charlie will be added as a contact in your phone as soon as you have purchased the updated version of the Avenger. You need to make your way down there and then walk up to the blue mission sign at the back of your new aircraft to board.

How to Start Project Overthrow in GTA Online

After entering the Avenger, proceed to the ship’s rear, past the weapon workshop (if you choose to install it), and you will reach the Operations Terminal, which bears the logo of the Los Santos Angels. As you get closer to it, you will be presented with the choice to Register as a Boss, either as the CEO of Securoserv or the President of the Motorcycle Club (if you’ve unlocked both options), which will then take you to a screen where you can select several options. After selecting Project Overthrow on the left side of the screen, you will be sent to the lobby to begin your first assignment.

How to Start Project Overthrow in GTA Online


What happens if I skip the GTA Online tutorial?

You will be presented with the opportunity to bypass the Grand Theft Auto Online tutorial. SKIP PAST THE TUTORIAL AT YOUR OWN PERIL! If you do that, it will be extremely difficult for you to play with your buddies at a later time. If, for some reason, you decide to skip the lesson, you will not have the opportunity to change your mind later.

What is on parade GTA?

The third available task in the new GTA Online downloadable content is “On Parade.” You will be required to learn how to fly and operate the F-160 and try out its various weapon systems. You will unlock the plane’s trade price as a reward for finishing the mission, resulting in a savings of $1.7 million for you.

What is the kidnapping mission in GTA?

Vinewood Hills is home to the venue known as the Random Event. A young woman gets kidnapped by the Lost & Damned members as you drive by the pleasant wealthy homes, and it is your responsibility to rescue her from their clutches. As soon as the woman is placed inside the Lost van, she begins to pursue it and take it down with gunfire.

What is the last mission in GTA VCS?

The final task in the storyline of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is called “Last Stand.” It is delivered to the protagonist, Victor Vance, by Ricardo Diaz from his mansion on Starfish Island, which is located in Vice City.

Where is the creepy girl in GTA 5?

The Gordo Mountain
You will find it on Mount Gordo, which is located in the northeastern region of the map. If you go to this place during the day, you won’t find any signs that lead to her murder or accidental death, and you might even miss them. If you wait until nighttime, specifically 11 o’clock at night, a spectral image of a woman appears on one of the rocks.

Where is the lost girl in GTA V?

During the GTA Online task to acquire workers for the player’s nightclub, she makes a cameo appearance for a short period of time. She is frequently observed mingling with a group of bikers and Yohan Blair in the dark lanes of the neighbourhood. After Yohan has been rescued, Manchez will transport her and the other associates to their next destination.