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How to Get to Radahn in Elden Ring


Radahn is a well-known demigod that acts as a boss in Elden Ring. He is also a character in the game. It is also common knowledge that in order to face him, one must first take part in the Radahn Festival. This requirement is a prerequisite for facing him. There are a few various ways that you may get to this festival in time to do fight with this powerful demigod, and you can choose whichever one works best for you.

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How to Get to Radahn in Elden Ring

The location of Starscourge Radahn is in the open area that is located beyond Redmane Castle. You are able to visit this castle as soon as you are able to, despite the fact that you will have to battle your way through a large number of formidable foes in order to get there.

How to Get to Radahn in Elden Ring

You will find that things run more smoothly for you if you wait to go there until after the Radahn Festival has begun. This will cause two waygates in Caelid to open, which, when activated, will teleport you outside of the main plaza of the castle.

In spite of the fact that you can make it to this plaza before the Radahn Festival starts by battling your way through Redmane Castle, you will not yet have reached the city of Radahn. Before you have the opportunity to engage in combat with the demigod, the celebration must first get underway.

How to Get to Radahn in Elden Ring

The Radahn Festival can be kicked off in one of two different ways.

The first method, which is also the simplest, is to make your way to the Altus Plateau by advancing far enough in the game. Once you’ve arrived at this location, activate any Site of Grace. After this, you should make your way back to Redmane Castle to find that the festival has already begun.

How to Get to Radahn in Elden Ring

The second option is to advance Ranni’s storyline through her quests. The following is a rundown of the specific actions that you will need to take:

  • Ranni may be found at Ranni’s Rise in the Three Sisters, which is located in Liurnia past Caria Manor.
  • Travel to the Siofra River where you will find Blaidd. After that, he’ll let you know that he hasn’t been successful in reaching Nokron just yet.
  • Find your way to the tower that belongs to Seluvis in the Three Sisters. If you ask him about the problem with Blaidd, he will urge you to find Sellen and you should go find him.
  • You can discover Sellen in the bowels of the Waypoint Ruins, which are located in Limgrave. Here is the best place to talk to her and give her Seluvis’ Introduction letter. She will then on to tell you about Radahn and how Ranni’s future is affected by him.

How to Get to Radahn in Elden Ring

When all of these conditions are satisfied, the Radahn Festival will get under way.

The journey to reach Redmane Castle

You are free to go to any of the two waygates in Caelid in order to be transferred straight in front of the area where the Radahn Festival is being staged now that the festival’s start time has arrived.

The first waygate is accessible at the beginning of the game and can be found directly above Fort Gael.

How to Get to Radahn in Elden Ring

The second waygate is located in the neighbourhood of Redmane Castle, on the opposite end of the Impassable Greatbridge from where the first waygate is located. When you utilise this, despite the fact that the waygate is located outside the actual castle, you will be transferred deeper into the castle, closer to the main plaza.

How to Get to Radahn in Elden Ring

Once you are inside, speak to Jerren, and he will describe the sequence of events that resulted in Radahn being the person he is now. Continue moving on after it is finished, and you will eventually come across an elevator that will take you down to the beach below. You’ll notice a waygate up ahead as you continue to make your way down this path. If you proceed through this waygate, you will find yourself in Radahn after some time has passed.