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Light Helo DMZ: How to Complete Flight Recon


The DMZ of Warzone 2 contains a large number of Faction Missions, each of which, once completed, will award the player with a different reward. Some of these rewards are very uncomplicated, such as a Double XP Token or even a second key for your key storage, but others, such as special Weapon Blueprints, are more involved. When a player completes the White Lotus Flight Recon assignment, they will be rewarded with the Steel Ghost Weapon Blueprint if they meet the requirements of the operation. You will learn everything you need to know to finish Flight Recon in Light Helo DMZ by reading this post. So let’s get started:

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Light Helo DMZ: How to Complete Flight Recon

The White Lotus Faction’s first story objective at the tier 1 difficulty level is called “Flight Recon.” In this respect, Flight Recon is very different from other missions, such as those that require players to place objects in Dumpster Dead Drops as part of their objectives. You will instead be tasked with landing a light helo at the Hafid Port helipad, after which you will be required to download and extract the flight path data from the light helo. However, where exactly is the helipad that serves Hafid Port?

Land A Light Helo At The Hafid Port Helipad

The first thing you need to do in order to finish this task is to find a light helo, which you can do by consulting your tac map. There is no set location for the spawning of light helicopters; nonetheless, they are frequently guarded by organizations of artificial intelligence. When you have found a light helicopter, you will need to fly it to the helipad that is located at Hafid Port. You can find the Helipad close to the Hafid Ship Bridge Tower, which, if you go there, will provide you with quite an amount of loot if you wish to explore it. When you have successfully landed your helicopter on the helipad, the first stage of the mission will have been successfully completed.

Light Helo DMZ: How to Complete Flight Recon

Download & Extract The Light Helo’s Flight Path Data

You will be entrusted with downloading the light helo’s flight path data as soon as you have arrived at the helipad in Hafid Port. When you arrive at the helipad, the game will show you which button you need to press in order to complete the objective. Consequently, carrying this out is a fairly straightforward process. Because the process of downloading the data is instantaneous, you do not need to be concerned about defending the area for a significant amount of time while it is being downloaded.

Light Helo DMZ: How to Complete Flight Recon

The only thing left to do at this moment is to make your way to the nearest exfiltration point and successfully leave Al Mazrah. You could finish a contract operation called “Rescue Hostage” in order to make a more covert exit if that is what you are searching for. After finishing the mission, you will be given an exfil chopper that does not appear on the tac maps of other operators.

Light Helo DMZ: How to Complete Flight Recon


Where is the light help in DMZ?

The Light Helo is one of the vehicles that does not have a predetermined spawn location, which is a bit of a bummer. It is possible to discover a Light Helo in DMZ at a number of different locations across the map, including Ahkdar Village, El Samman Cemetery, and Sawah Village; however, the Airport is by far the most likely location to produce one.

How do I extract Helos flight path data?

You can make a straight shot all the way to the helipad that is located on the northern side of Hafid Port, which is itself located on the extreme western end of the Al Mazrah map, if you are able to reach the Light Helo and get in it. From there, you can fly to the helipad. After a gentle landing on the helipad, exit the aircraft, and press the button shown to begin downloading the Light Helicopter’s Flight Path Data.

Where are safes in DMZ?

Look for a sign on your map that resembles a bomb concealed within a mobile phone in order to locate this. Due to the fact that it is green, it should be easy to spot among the other features on the map. After you have identified one, you must travel to the location where it is located in order to accept it. This will kick off the Destroy Supplies Contract and enable you to start looking for safes in the DMZ.

What is the goal of DMZ in COD MW2?

Your objective in the DMZ is straightforward: to stay alive. Gather resources, establish a good reputation with the many other factions, and escape Al Mazrah without being killed. This new game mode comes with its own set of exclusive content, including weapon blueprints, operator cosmetics, and even a complete weapon.