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How to Find Zorua in Pokemon Go


The Dark-type Zorua and its evolved form, Zoroark, will initially emerge in Pokemon GO during the final week of the month of October 2022. Zorua made its début in the main series of Pokemon games with Black and White, although players could only obtain it by participating in a limited-time event. Zorua became less difficult to capture throughout time, and eventually they might even be discovered in the wild along certain paths. The Zorua encounter in Pokemon GO was meant to be a pleasant surprise for players. Zorua managed to sneak onto the roster a little bit earlier than it was supposed to because to a bug that occurred during the Shuppet Spotlight Hour in October 2022. Since then, Niantic has addressed the glitch, and players can now capture Zorua using the technique that was originally intended. This is a guide for finding Zorua within Pokémon Go.

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How to Find Zorua in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon GO, Zorua won’t show up in the wild in its normal form. Instead, it’ll look like the player’s Buddy Pokemon. The trainer icon may be seen in the lower left corner of the screen, where players can use it to appoint a Buddy Pokemon. Assigning a Buddy Pokemon for the first time will bring up the “Choose a Buddy” menu option. Tap the Buddy Pokemon icon next to the Trainer icon on the global map to open the menu. The Swap Buddies menu option does exactly what it seems like it does: it lets you switch out your current Buddy Pokemon for a different one. However, there is a daily limit of 20 Buddy swaps per user.

How to Find Zorua in Pokemon Go

As long as Zorua is in the same region as its trainer, the Buddy Pokemon will spawn there. Having a Buddy Pokemon along for the hunt could end up being more of a distraction than an aid if you’re seeking for Zorua. There is a chance that one of the two “Buddy Pokemon” the player encounters is a Zorua.

If you catch a “Buddy Pokemon,” instead of “Gotcha!” the screen will say “Oh?” A unique animation set against a magenta background will begin playing. Once captured, the Pokemon will undergo a metamorphosis into a Zorua, much like Ditto does. Keep in mind that Zorua Candy will also contribute towards the accumulation of berries that boost the amount of Candy (such as Pinap Berries or Silver Pinap Berries). The player will not receive Porygon Candies for catching their Buddy Porygon2 with a Pinap Berry, but will instead receive Zorua Candies.

Strategies and Progress

The pretence that Zorua is using isn’t quite as immaculate as it believes it is. If a player is having trouble tracking down Zorua, they might want to consider assigning a Buddy Pokemon that is either:

  • A Pokemon that is either uncommon, rare, or legendary (ex: Cosmog)
  • A Pokemon that is either Shadowed or Purified.
  • A Pokemon with a glossy appearance.

How to Find Zorua in Pokemon Go

Shiny Pokemon do not appear as Shiny on the overworld map, a fact that is well known to the vast majority of players. The game begins with the player interacting with the Pokemon. Instead of appearing as Zorua, the map will show a Shiny version of it, which will reveal its true nature. Assigning a Shadow or Purified Pokemon to act as a Buddy is yet another tactic you can use. These Pokémon exude a violet (Shadow) or a pure white (Purified) aura, and Zorua’s disguise, when it appears, will maintain these distinctive characteristics. Assigning a legendary Pokemon or an uncommon Pokemon to a role as a Buddy is the final trick. Outside of highly special circumstances, it is extremely unlikely that players will come across a Legendary when exploring the open world (excluding Galarian Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno).

When a player has obtained a sufficient number of Zorua, they are able to evolve it into Zoroark by feeding it 50 Zorua Candy. As a Pokemon of the Dark type, Zoroark (and Zorua) will have access to moves that are useful for combating Pokemon of the Ghost and Psychic types. On the other hand, trainers should be sure to keep them away from Pokemon of the Fairy, Fighting, and Bug types.


Can you still get Zorua in Pokemon go?

Zorua debuted in Pokemon Go during the Shuppet Spotlight Hour; however, because of a bug, Niantic and Pokemon Go chose to temporarily remove it from the game; nonetheless, it is currently back in the game and accessible to be caught.

Is Zorua and Zoroark in Pokemon go?

Both Zorua and Zoroark can now be caught in Pokémon GO; similar to Ditto, they are unique Pokémon that must be obtained in a very specific manner in order to be obtained. The Pokémon GO tutorial that you are currently reading will instruct you on how to capture Zorua as well as Zoroark.

Where can I find Zoroark in Pokemon go?

Zorua will make its appearance on the map masked as the Pokémon that is currently assigned to the role of the trainer’s partner. As a result of this, the most effective method for finding it in the wild is to train it with an unusual Pokemon, the likes of which one would not typically come across in the wild (such as Lugia or Mewtwo).

Are Zorua rare in Pokemon go?

Collecting enough Candy to evolve the elusive pocket monster Zorua into the powerful Zoroark in Pokémon GO may prove to be a difficult task due to Zorua’s extremely low population. Those who are fortunate enough to capture many Zorua should not have too many problems evolving them because it only requires 50 candies to do so.

What weather does Zorua spawn?

There is only one place where Zorua can be found, and that is in the middle of the Isle of Armor in the forest. A foggy weather condition is required in order to locate it, as it cannot be found under any other circumstances.