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How To Fly Helicopter In GTA 5


Once the player has learned the control system for the helicopter in GTA 5, flying a helicopter in GTA 5 on a PC is straightforward.

When it comes to controlling vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 5, aircrafts are the most difficult to master. Unfortunately, improper management of these sorts of aircraft will end in a quick and untimely demise for the pilot and passengers. Some GTA 5 tasks also include the usage of a helicopter, making it an advantageous ability to have.

On the PC version of GTA 5, this article will discuss the default control method for flying a helicopter. On PC, it will not contain a customised control scheme, but instead will consist of players who will utilise a mouse.

How to fly a helicopter in GTA 5 on PC

Helicopters are famously difficult to control in the Grand Theft Auto series. Those having difficulty controlling a helicopter in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC can refer to the following guidelines.

Controls simplified

These are the default controls for flying a helicopter in GTA 5:

  • F = Enter/exit the helicopter
  • W = Ascend
  • S = Descend
  • A = Yaw to the left (turn left)
  • D = Yaw to the right (turn right)
  • Num 4 = Roll to the left (moves the helicopter to the left)
  • Num 5 = Pitch backward (moves the helicopter backward)
  • Num 6 = Roll to the right (moves the helicopter to the right)
  • Num 8 = Pitch forward (moves the helicopter forward)

Some helicopters have additional controls:

  • Left-click = Shoot mounted weaponry
  • E = Use the grappling hook/magnet

There are also mouse controls. The player’s mouse movements will move the helicopter in the same direction (assuming the setting is enabled).

Flying a Helicopter in GTA 5 on PC

First and foremost, the player must board the helicopter in which they intend to fly (by pressing ‘F’). The player should now hit the letter ‘W’ to climb. This key does not, contrary to popular belief, drive the helicopter forward; rather, it just lifts the chopper in Grand Theft Auto 5.

To bring the aeroplane down, hit the ‘S’ key. In the same way that hitting the ‘W’ key causes the player’s helicopter to fly backward, pressing the ‘S’ key causes the chopper to descend. Moving the aeroplane forward or backward in GTA 5 is accomplished by pressing the numbers 8 and 5, respectively.

To turn the aeroplane to the left, hit the ‘A’ key. To rotate it to the right, use the ‘D’ key. It is necessary to press the numbers 4 and 6 in order to manoeuvre the helicopter to its left or right, respectively, in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5).

That concludes the basic movement of helicopters in Grand Theft Auto 5. This information pertains to the default control scheme while using just the keyboard; however, when using a mouse in conjunction with the keyboard, the information is different.

Using the mouse

If the player wants to use a mouse to control the helicopter, there will be some visible changes between the two modes of play. For starters, their mouse movements may be seen near the minimap radar, which is a nice touch.

The helicopter will move ahead if the mouse is moved upwards and away from the centre of the radar screen, as seen below. By doing the same thing, but to the right, the helicopter will proceed in the same direction, toward the right.

Players in Grand Theft Auto 5 should be able to utilise their keyboards while flying a helicopter. Keep in mind that all of this is only applicable to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5.

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