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How to Install DLC on Steam With a Product Key


Steam keys can be purchased from a variety of sellers, and they function identically to the standard product keys that are included in the packaging of physically distributed copies of games. When you buy a game in a store that comes with downloadable content (DLC), the key to access the DLC may be printed on the game’s case or on a specific card that is packaged with the game. If you purchase digital content from Steam or any other online store, the developer may send you an email with a product key at some point after the purchase.

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How to Install DLC on Steam With a Product Key

To activate downloaded content on Steam with a key, do one of the following:

1. Launch the Steam client, then select Activate a Product on Steam from the popup menu that occurs after clicking the Add a game button in the bottom-left corner of the window that sprang up to reveal the Steam library.

How to Install DLC on Steam With a Product Key

2. The Steam subscription agreement will be shown to you for approval after you have selected the Next button.

How to Install DLC on Steam With a Product Key

3. The content can be installed by navigating to the Product Code area, entering the key there, and then selecting the Next button.

How to Install DLC on Steam With a Product Key


Why is my DLC not installing on Steam?

Check to see that Steam isn’t already in the middle of downloading the DLC before moving forward. Simply restart Steam and allow it some time to complete the DLC download. Wait for at least an hour or two in case there are problems with the Steam servers. Simply right-click the game you want to check the integrity of in your Library, pick Properties, navigate to the Local Files tab, and then click the Verify Integrity of Game Files button.

Does Steam automatically Install DLC?

When a Steam user purchases downloadable content, it is immediately available for download and installation on their computer. On the other hand, downloadable content can be set so that it does not download automatically. This allows the game to regulate the timing of when DLC is downloaded.

How do I force install DLC?

Go to your library, right click on JC3, then select “properties,” after which you should hit the DLC tab and ensure that the checkbox next to the appropriate DLC is selected.

Why does my Steam download stop at 100%?

It’s possible that Steam is showing 100 percent since the download is nearly finished, however this is not the case. By conducting a speed test, you will be able to determine whether or not the issue lies with your internet connection. In the event that the problem lies with your internet connection, you will need to pause the download and then restart it when you have refreshed your connection.

Why can’t I download things on Steam?

Download problems can occasionally be caused by servers in a particular region being too sluggish, overloaded, or suffering from a hardware failure. It is recommended to make a momentary transition to a new download location in order to make advantage of a different group of content servers. Steam > Settings > Downloads > Download Region is where you change the download region.