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How to Join a Spotify Duo Account


A new discount package called Spotify Duo has been introduced for couples who share the same residence. If you want someone from your family or your partner to participate in this plan with you, you have that option. You have complete control over the situation. However, in order to receive this discount plan, Spotify recommended that both users offer the same residence address. In point of fact, Spotify does routine checks to determine whether or not the couples who subscribe to its duo plan share the same address. If Spotify determines that the two individuals do not live in the same household, they will not be eligible for the discounted plan. This post will walk you through the steps of joining Spotify Duo and getting started. So let’s get started:

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How to Join a Spotify Duo Account

1. Proceed to the webpage that is dedicated to Spotify Duo.

2. If this is your first time using Spotify, you will need to create a new account in order to use the service. After you have finished entering all of the necessary information, you may go to the next step by clicking the SIGN UP button.

How to Join a Spotify Duo Account

3. To access their accounts, Spotify users who are currently logged in need to click the “Log In” button.

4. To get started, all you have to do is click the button labelled “Get Started.”

5. Kindly check that you have provided all of the required information in the appropriate fields. Thank you.

6. Choose the “Buy Spotify Premium Duo” option from the drop-down menu to complete the process.

How to Join a Spotify Duo Account

7. You can upgrade to Spotify Premium Duo if you already have a plan by visiting to the Accounts page and completing the necessary adjustments there. If you do not already have a plan, you can sign up for one here.

8. In order to invite your partner to join the duo plan, you can either send them an email, a message on WhatsApp, or use one of the other accessible methods.

9. Their decision over whether or not to accept your invitation is entirely up to them. After that, your partner is obligated to confirm the address where you now reside as your primary residence.

10. At long last, you and the person you live your life with will be able to bond over a shared interest in music by engaging in the activity of listening to music together.

How to Join a Spotify Duo Account

Users of Duo Mix are able to work together to compile a playlist for shared listening. Signing into your Spotify account is the first step toward accomplishing this goal. Next, select the Join option after clicking the Join Duo Mix button. You have the option to reverse this decision at any time during the process. Users are provided with the option to play music from the pair mix playlist in accordance with how they are currently feeling. Using the moon and sun icons in your playlist might help you establish the mood of your music selections. Overall, if you want to listen to music together as a couple, Spotify Duo is an option that is both worthwhile and cost-effective to consider.


Do you use the same login for Spotify duo?

Because this plan provides a separate Premium account for each participant, there is no requirement that you share or use one another’s login information. And because you each have your own account, the music that is suggested to you is based on how you personally like to listen to music.

Is Spotify duo two separate accounts?

A Spotify Premium Duo subscription grants each user their very own individual Spotify Premium account. It is not necessary for you to create a new individual Premium account if you already have one set up for yourself. You will still have access to all of your previously purchased songs, playlists, and suggestions.

How many devices can use Spotify duo?

Two Devices
Spotify Individual allows users to stream music from only a single device at any given time. Spotify Student only only one account to stream at a time, regardless of the number of devices being used. With Spotify Premium Duo, you may simultaneously stream on two different devices. With Spotify Premium Family, you and up to five of your friends can listen to music simultaneously on up to six different devices.

Can you see each other’s playlists on Spotify duo?

You will each receive your own individual account, in addition to a “Duo Mix” playlist, which will compile the songs to which both you and the other member of your Duo listen the most. If the other member’s playlist has not been shared with you and is set to private, you will not be able to view it.