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How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Messenger


It is not easy to tell whether someone on Facebook has prohibited you from using their site since Facebook does not provide an easy way to do so. You will, however, not get any confirmation in the case that another user has deactivated your account. This is done for reasons pertaining to privacy and security, and they do this so that no one else can access your information. On the other hand, it is possible to figure out whether you have been banned by seeing how the Messenger program reacts when you try to send a message and deciding for yourself whether or not you have been restricted from using the service.

Here is how you can determine whether or not someone has prohibited you from communicating with them using the Facebook messaging app.

How to know if someone blocked you on Messenger

When you send messages using the Messenger app on your phone or through a browser on your PC, the status indicators that display next to the messages you send are surely already known to you. This is because they appear next to every message that you send. The following is a rundown of the four available icons:

  • A circle that is not filled in and empty indicates that the message has not been sent. If you are attempting to send a message but are unable to do so, this is often because you do not have connection to the internet.
  • The message has been sent if the icon is empty and there is a checkmark next to it, but it has not yet been delivered to the receiver.
  • When the check mark is completely filled in, it indicates that the message has been sent successfully.
  • If your recipient’s profile image appears within the symbol, this indicates that the message has been read.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Messenger

Your message should be sent within a few seconds as long as the receiver is connected into Facebook. When your message has been successfully delivered, you will see that the check mark symbol has been filled in. Naturally, it is possible that it will not be read for some time; in order for that to happen, the receiver will need to launch Messenger and examine the message thread.

If you send a message to someone and the recipient does not get the message, which indicates that the check mark symbol for the message does not appear filled in, this might suggest one of two things:

  • The person has not yet authenticated themselves on Facebook.
  • You can no longer communicate with this individual using Messenger.

If you see that the recipient has posted to his or her Facebook page or commented on the posts of other people, this is evidence that the recipient is logged into Facebook. Having said that, it is not always possible to know this with absolute certainty. If your message does not get through, there is a good chance that you have been blocked from the site.

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