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How to Make a Barrel In Minecraft


In Minecraft, you can craft barrels to use as an alternative form of storage alongside chests. However, in comparison to chests, they have a few distinguishing characteristics that set them apart. They can be used as a Jobsite block for villagers, they do not need an empty area above them to open, and they can be placed either right-side-up or sideways and still operate normally. Additionally, they do not require an open space above them to open. You will learn how to create a barrel as well as the supplies and steps required to do so by reading this guide.

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How to Make a Barrel In Minecraft

Required Materials to Make a Barrel

There are two distinct ways to manufacture barrels, one for the Java edition of Minecraft and another for the Bedrock edition, depending on the version of the game you are using.

  • 6 Wooden Planks (Java)
  • 2 Wooden Slabs (Java)
  • 6 Sticks (Bedrock)
  • 2 Wooden Slabs (Bedrock)

In order to play the Java version of Minecraft, you will need six wooden planks of any variety; however, you are free to combine different kinds of wood in any way you see fit. Additionally, this is the situation with the wooden planks. The appearance of the barrels won’t change no matter what kind of wood you use to make them, so choose wisely. You will need 6 sticks and 2 wooden slabs of any kind to complete this challenge in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

Step by Step Guide

Barrels are a relatively cheap recipe as it takes even less wood than chests. Cutting down a tree provides a quick and easy way to gather the necessary components for making a barrel. After you have amassed all of your wood, transform your logs into planks and, if you are using the Bedrock edition, transform your planks into sticks.

How to Make a Barrel In Minecraft

Keep a couple of the wooden planks aside to use for making the slabs; you’ll need those for either of the two options. To make slabs, line a row of your crafting menu with wooden planks.

How to Make a Barrel In Minecraft

You can line the sides of the crafting table in the Java edition of Minecraft with wooden planks. In the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, you can line the sides of the crafting table with sticks. To finish making your barrel, insert a wooden slab of any kind into the piece that is in the middle of the bottom and the top.

How to Make a Barrel In Minecraft

If you play the Java version of Minecraft, all you have to do to build the barrel you desire is switch out the sticks for wooden planks.


What is the barrel used for in Minecraft?

It is possible to use barrels as fuel for the furnace, and each barrel can melt 1.5 items before it is consumed. When barrels are positioned beneath note blocks, they produce a deeper tone for the note. Pistons can be used in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to move barrels throughout the world. Barrels are weirdly impervious to lava.

Are there barrels in Minecraft?

Six sticks and two wooden slabs are all that are required in order to create a barrel in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition game. You will need certain wooden playthings in order to obtain sticks. The acquisition of wooden planks is a very simple process. Oak wood can be obtained by simply cutting down a tree, which can then be used to make wooden planks.

What is the bad omen in Minecraft?

A player who is afflicted with the Bad Omen status condition will trigger the spawning of a raid whenever they enter a town. If the monster in question is located in a village, this does not apply to any other mobs that have the effect.

Do barrels reduce lag in Minecraft?

More tolerant of laggy conditions than chests. Barrels don’t cause client fps lag (since barrels are full blocks).