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How to Make AirPods Louder


AirPods offer impressive audio capabilities, particularly in the case of the newest AirPods Pro models, which can make use of Spatial Audio and EQ elements to produce a richer, more dynamic audio experience. That’s fantastic… as long as you’re able to hear it. The moment has come to turn up the volume on your AirPods if they are a little too quiet for your tastes — and we’ve got the guide to show you how. The following are the procedures to do in order to make AirPods louder.

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How to Make AirPods Louder

The majority of these AirPod troubleshooting methods are quick and straightforward. Take a look at each one and see if it helps to repair your audio troubles. If this is not the case, go on to the next possible remedy.

1. The iPhone’s loudness should be increased. Because the AirPods don’t have a volume control, you’ll have to rely on your iPhone to regulate the volume. Due to the fact that it is simple to ignore, this is an excellent location to begin.

2. Low-power mode should be turned off. The iPhone’s Low Power mode can have an impact on various non-critical systems, resulting in audio being played at a lower level than normal if the device is in this mode. Toggle off the feature and continue using your AirPods with your iPhone in usual power mode.

3. Check to verify that the AirPods are fully charged. When the AirPods’ battery is at its lowest point, they might become unresponsive. Allow for one or two hours of resting time between charging the batteries, then test the audio again.

4. Turn off any equalization (EQ) settings that you may be using. The majority of the EQ settings, even those with the word Booster in the title, have the effect of making audio played via the AirPods sound quieter. It’s preferable if you don’t use the EQ.

5. Turn off the “Reduce Loud Sounds” option. It is possible that a setting has been activated that establishes a maximum volume restriction. You may turn off this function with a single touch or two in the Settings app by following the instructions outlined below: Enhance Headphone Safety by reducing the volume of loud sounds. If Reduce Loud Sounds is already turned off, proceed as follows: (the slider is not green). Then, by selecting Reduce Loud Sounds, the headphones will become significantly quieter. Alternatively, if you are missing calls and alerts because the sound for those features is too low, then in the Sounds & Haptics area you will find a slider to increase the volume of such notifications. It is located under the section titled Ringer and Alerts.

6. Adjust the sound balance between the iPhone and the AirPods. It is possible that the phone and the AirPods have two distinct interpretations of the lowest and maximum loudness.

While listening to music on your iPhone through your AirPods, reduce the volume on your iPhone all the way down. Bluetooth should be turned off. Play music via the iPhone’s speaker until it is audible, then reduce the iPhone’s volume down to its lowest setting. Bluetooth should be enabled, and the AirPods should be reconnected.

7. Check to verify that both earphones are set to the same volume level. Depending on your iPhone accessibility settings, you may have set the earphones to play at different volume levels. Accessibility > Audio/Visual may be found in the iPhone’s Settings > Accessibility menu. In order to maintain balance, position the button in the middle of the slider between the L and the R.

8. Make a new pairing of the AirPods with the iPhone. This can occasionally resolve issues with AirPods or with other Bluetooth devices in general, depending on the situation.

9. AirPods should be cleaned. If none of the ideas above were successful in resolving the sound problem, the earphones may require a thorough cleaning. Because the AirPods spend a significant amount of time in your ears, they are prone to become coated in earwax. In the event that you discover accumulation, thorough cleaning might make a significant impact.



Is there a hands-free way to adjust the AirPods’ volume?

Yes. To increase the volume of your Siri AirPods after your second-generation AirPods or AirPods Pro have been successfully connected to your iPhone, use a Siri AirPod voice command like as “Hey Siri, turn up the volume.”

I’m still having problems with too-quiet AirPods. What can I do?

Contact Apple Support or schedule an appointment at an Apple Store. It’s possible that the AirPods are faulty. Make sure to include a list of all of the troubleshooting methods you have attempted.