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How to See Tagged Photos on Instagram


It is possible that what you are looking for is buried deep within the mountain of posts that make up Instagram. This post will teach you how to view images in which you have been tagged on Instagram, how to search for photos in which you have been tagged on Instagram, and how to view photos in which another user has been tagged on Instagram.

But before we do that, let’s talk about the issue at hand.

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How to See Tagged Photos on Instagram

There are only two steps you need to perform in order to view photographs on Instagram that have been tagged, and those steps are as follows:

1. To edit your profile photo, go to the lower right corner of the screen where it says “Profile Picture.”

How to See Tagged Photos on Instagram

2. On the right side of the screen, tap the icon that looks like a picture frame.

How to See Tagged Photos on Instagram

You will be able to see all of the photographs in which your name has been mentioned when you go to that location.


Why can’t I see tagged photos on Instagram?

Because Instagram gives you the option to manually approve posts before they appear on your profile, if you can’t see your tagged photographs in the “Photos of You” section, it’s likely because you have chosen to manually approve tagged posts of you.

Why can’t I see posts I’m tagged in?

You have complete control over who may see the content you share on Facebook by adjusting the privacy settings on your account. If your friends on Facebook are unable to access images in which you have tagged them, it is likely because you have your privacy settings configured in a way that prevents them from doing so.

How do I see tagged posts on my timeline?

The notification always takes the form of something along the lines of “[user] tagged you in a post. Go to “Timeline Review” where you will see a thumbnail of the post in order to add it to your timeline. To go directly to the post, click on the thumbnail or the italicised text that reads “Timeline Review.” From that menu, you have the option to “Add to Timeline,” “Hide,” or both.

How do you find a post someone was tagged in?

Utilizing Facebook’s Graph Search, it is rather simple to conduct a stalking operation on virtually anyone, even if you are not friends with that person, and locate a large number of photographs in which they have been tagged. You may view any photograph in which the person you wish to search is tagged by doing a simple search for “Photos of” followed by their name. This works even if the person has chosen to hide the image from their own feed.

How do I find a comment I was tagged in?

Tap the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of Facebook, and then tap your name. Select Activity Log by first tapping the button that is located below your profile picture. Tap the Filter button, then select either Posts and comments you’ve been tagged in or Photos you’ve been tagged in to narrow your results. To view the content that has been tagged with your name, simply tap on it.

How do you find someone’s tagged posts on Instagram?

The mobile version of Instagram has a search function for photographs that have been tagged on Instagram. This function can be found in the tag folder. You can view photographs in which another user has tagged you or your friends by going to the profile of either yourself or one of your friends and looking in the tag folder there.