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How to Set up Your Sonos with Apple TV


The procedures necessary to connect an Apple TV to a Sonos Playbar are outlined in this post for your convenience. These instructions should be followed with a Sonos Playbar or a Sonos Arc soundbar in addition to an Apple TV of the fourth generation or an Apple TV 4K. Now, in order to accomplish that, here is the procedure:

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How to Set up Your Sonos with Apple TV

If you want to utilise your Apple TV with a Sonos Playbar or Sonos Arc, you will need to link the two systems through your television because the Apple TV 4K and the Apple TV 4th generation do not have optical audio-out ports. If you wish to use your Sonos system with your Apple TV, you will need to have this component. The procedure is as described below:

1. Make use of an HDMI cable to link an Apple TV to a high-definition television set.

2. After downloading the Sonos Controller app to your iPhone and starting it up, go to the menu that can be found under Settings.

How to Set up Your Sonos with Apple TV

3. Select the item that you would like to utilise by tapping on it.

How to Set up Your Sonos with Apple TV

4. To proceed, select the option to Allow.

How to Set up Your Sonos with Apple TV

5. Tap the Allow button if you want the app to access your location.

How to Set up Your Sonos with Apple TV

6. Confirming that you want to provide permission to access your location can be done by tapping the Allow While Using App or Allow Once button.

How to Set up Your Sonos with Apple TV

7. The programme searches for items that are close to the user’s current location. Simply tap the icon to select either your Sonos Playbar or your Sonos Arc, and then continue with the setup by following the instructions that appear on the screen.

How to Set up Your Sonos with Apple TV

8. Connect the Sonos Playbar to the television using the optical audio cable that was included in the packaging.


How do I connect my Sonos speaker to my Samsung TV?

When it comes to linking the Samsung TV to the Sonos speaker, you have the option of utilising a wireless connection method such as Bluetooth or the Sonos app. An HDMI cable is another option; however, not all Samsung TVs have the capability to accept HDMI connections. First things first, determine the model of your device so you can figure out how to connect the TV to the Sonos speaker.

Why is my Sonos speaker not connecting to my TV?

It’s possible that the internet cable isn’t firmly plugged into the router and your Sonos product in some cases; this would explain why you’re having this trouble. If this is the case, try giving the cable another go. If this is the case, you should attempt to re-plug the wire that connects to the internet. Be sure to check that the connections on your internet cable as well as the cable itself have adequate protection. This should be a priority.

Does a Samsung TV have Bluetooth?

If your Samsung TV came with a Smart Remote, then the answer is yes. To adjust your sound output or sound settings, go to the Settings menu and select Sound. Your device is Bluetooth-enabled if it provides you with the option to select speakers that are compatible via Bluetooth.