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Destiny 2

How to Transfer Items in Destiny 2


In Destiny 2, you may easily move your weapons, gear, and loot to another character by following the instructions in this article. Now, here’s how to go about doing that:

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How to Transfer Items in Destiny 2

Your first order of business will be to enter the tower and look for a terminal once you have done so. After you have located it, you will need to go to the safe deposit box and open it in order to view all of the items that are stored in your bank. After putting an item into the vault, you will be prompted to log in to a different character, who will then be responsible for retrieving the item.

How to Transfer Items in Destiny 2

In order to access the inventory of your character, you will need to press the Options button located on your controller. After that, you have to put a gun in the vault, which requires you to first select the gun, and then press the X button to put it in the vault. Once that is complete, press the O key to dismiss the window, and you will be sent back to your vault.

How to Transfer Items in Destiny 2

After that, select the option labelled Sort by Default, then change it to the option labelled Sort newest. This will allow you to locate a weapon that you have stored in your vault. You must now select a new character, and in order to do so, you must first hit the Options button on your controller, then swipe to the right, and then, from the menu on the left, you must select the gameplay option.

How to Transfer Items in Destiny 2

You will need to return to the tower and choose it from the map after logging in with a second character. After that, you can proceed. After that, select the Launch option, and then select the spawn point that is located in the courtyard.

How to Transfer Items in Destiny 2

After entering the courtyard, you will need to proceed to the terminal, and then after that, you will be able to enter the vault. After that, navigate to Sort by option and select the Most recent option from the drop-down menu. You should now be able to locate the weapon that you added from a different account; in order to equip it to your character, you will need to pick it up and put it there.

How to Transfer Items in Destiny 2


Can you trade items in Destiny 2?

To trade in the same location, both traders are required to be inside their vaults (Farm or Tower). Within the allotted time, both of them have to accept the deal by pressing the accept button that appears on a pop-up window within the game. In that case, the trade will be cancelled, and you will be brought back to the page where you select items to trade.

Can you trade raid loot?

You are only able to sell an item to other players if they were there during the kill, were eligible for loot, and were online within the previous two hours. If the player you wish to trade with is not from the same realm as you, the transaction needs to be finished before you exit the dungeon or raid instance.

Can you transfer DLCS in Destiny 2?

Players have the option to turn on Cross Save, which will allow them to access a single roster of characters across all of their linked platform accounts. Cross-Platform Saves cannot be used to transfer DLC licences across systems.

Is inventory account wide Destiny 2?

Don’t bother. Your inventory is shared across all of your accounts:) Therefore, the only error that was made on sweatcicle’s spreadsheet was that he listed the gambit prime daily bounties as 3,000, right?