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How to Turn Off the Firestick in Your Home


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Can You Turn Off a Fire Stick?

Putting the Fire Stick to sleep is almost identical to shutting it off. When you’re using other smart TV applications or other input devices, it will use less power and stay in sleep mode, but software upgrades will continue to occur as normal.

Note:These methods won’t work if your Fire TV is frozen or unresponsive. In that case, unplug the Fire Stick or follow other troubleshooting steps.

  • Hold down the Home button on your Fire TV remote for several seconds. The menu will appear after a few seconds of inactivity. Select Sleep from the drop-down menu.
  • Press and hold the centre button, as well as the Pause/Play button, for a few seconds. The Fire Stick will automatically shut off after a few seconds.
  • If you’re on the Fire TV home screen, choose Settings > My Fire TV > Sleep from the drop-down menu.

Amazon Fire TV App

If you have the Amazon Fire TV app loaded on your device, you may use it instead of the Fire TV remote to control your device. To begin, choose Sleep from the Settings menu by tapping the gear icon.

Why Can’t I Turn Off My Fire Stick?

If the Fire Stick is frozen or unresponsive, it is possible that turning it on will not function. You may still switch off the Fire Stick by disconnecting it from the power source as long as you can reach your television. Wait one minute before plugging it back into the wall.

Note: It is not possible to make software upgrades while the Fire Stick is not plugged in since it is not getting electricity.



How do you turn off the voice on Firestick?

By turning off VoiceView, you may prevent the Fire Stick from reading the screen any longer. Press and hold the Back and Menu buttons on the remote control for a few seconds to complete the action. Alternatively, you may go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceView and confirm that you wish to turn off VoiceView by clicking on the checkbox.

Can you turn off Alexa on a Firestick?

On an Amazon Firestick, there is currently no option to turn off Alexa. Alexa, on the other hand, will only activate if you continue to hold down the microphone button.


Now that you know how to turn off the firestick in your home, you’re ready to take on the world! The next step is to create a basic web page that will keep people from leaving the house in which there’s an reminder of the firestick. Once they’re gone, you’re in a position to make a payment for their service. Just be sure that the Rhyme website is there to help you with all the logistics!

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