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How to Turn On and Off Data Saver in Spotify on an iPhone


The streaming of music on Spotify is putting a huge demand on the bandwidth that you currently have available to you. Because of this, the data on your mobile data plan will be depleted well in advance of when it is due, which is a direct consequence of the situation. You have come to the conclusion that the overall data consumption is a little bit too high. As a consequence, you are seeking for some methods to lower the amount of mobile data consumption that you use while maintaining the continuous streaming of music. This article will teach you how to enable and disable the Data Saver function in Spotify on your iOS device by walking you through the process step-by-step. So let’s get started:

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How to Turn On and Off Data Saver in Spotify on an iPhone

1. Launch Spotify on the mobile device you’re using. This marks the beginning of the process.

2. Simply make a tap on the icon that looks like a gear and is situated in the top-right hand corner of the screen.

How to Turn On and Off Data Saver in Spotify on an iPhone

3. After that, proceed to the next step by selecting “Data Saver” from the menu.

How to Turn On and Off Data Saver in Spotify on an iPhone

4. The switch must be turned on, which brings us to the fourth stage.

How to Turn On and Off Data Saver in Spotify on an iPhone

Now, it will lower the quality of your music to a lesser setting so that streaming won’t take a substantial amount of cellular data on your device. This is done so that you can continue to listen to your music. After a certain amount of time has passed, if you consider that you have acquired sufficient data to listen to music of good quality, repeat the actions that were described above, and as the final step, turn off the switch that is labelled “Data Saver.”


Is there data saver on Spotify?

Switch on the Data Saver – Simply open the settings menu in your Spotify app (it looks like a small gear in the upper right corner), and you should notice a section named Data Saver there. You can turn down the audio quality on Spotify by toggling this switch, and you’ll also stop seeing all of the entertaining looping images, which you really shouldn’t be seeing while driving anyway.

Why wont Spotify let me turn off data saver?

It is not possible to disable the data saving option (thus forcing streaming quality to be set to low). The solution is to switch off Car View, which will also allow the data saver to continue functioning normally.

Is 1GB enough for Spotify?

If you want to use Spotify, we recommend that your device has at least 1 gigabyte (GB) of free storage space.

How much data does Spotify use on data saver?

If you stream your music at a quality of “Normal” (96 kbps), then you will consume approximately 0.7 gigabytes per minute of storage space. You’ll use up roughly 2 megabytes of storage space for a music that’s three minutes long. This equates to around 40 MB after an hour of listening to the track.

Is Spotify premium data free?

Regarding the remaining options:

The term “Unlimited Music Streaming” on Spotify refers to the fact that no local data charges will be incurred when a user is streaming music on the Spotify mobile app. This offer is available to both new and existing customers.