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How to Turn On Theater Mode on an Apple Watch


This article will describe what Apple Watch Theater Mode is, how it operates, and how to activate and deactivate it. In order for this capability to work effectively, a version of WatchOS that is 3.2 or later is required.

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How to Turn On Theater Mode on an Apple Watch

The Theater Mode on your Apple Watch may be activated in a few simple steps. Follow these procedures to ensure that the display on your watch remains unreadable at all times:

1. Either by lifting the Apple Watch so that the screen is facing you, or by tapping it, you can make the screen light up and become visible.

2. Swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen in the direction of the arrow to reach the Control Center. Swipe your finger upward from the bottom of the Control Center until you see the icon for the Theater Mode (it looks  like two masks).

How to Turn On Theater Mode on an Apple Watch

3. To access the theatre, select the icon that looks like a theatre. Once it starts to glow, you know that Theater Mode is ready to be used.

How to Turn On Theater Mode on an Apple Watch

4. When Theater Mode is activated, the watch will display a symbol at the very top of the face that resembles a mask. You can find this symbol by looking at the very top of the watch face.

How to Turn On Theater Mode on an Apple Watch


What does theater mode do on Apple Watch?

Because the Apple Watch display does not turn on when you raise your wrist when Theater mode is enabled, the screen will remain dark. , then press Theater Mode at the top of the screen. This will turn on silent mode and make your Walkie-Talkie status unavailable, but you will still receive haptic messages.

What is the difference between theater mode and do not disturb?

When you put your phone into “Theater mode,” it will go into silent mode and turn off the display unless you tap it or push a button to turn it back on. The only thing that will happen to your watch is that it will vibrate; it won’t ping or light up. Tap the icon depicting the comedy or tragedy to activate or deactivate this mode. When you select “Do Not Disturb,” the haptic feedback is turned off as well.

Does theater mode turn on automatically?

No. In spite of the fact that it is billed as a “Smart Watch,” it is not truly capable of recognising when you are in a setting that needs it to put all notifications on silence. This is despite the fact that it is capable of putting all alerts on mute. According to what I’ve gathered, the Theater mode needs to be controlled by a human.

Does watch vibrate in theater mode?

Yes. Even with Theater Mode on, your Apple Watch will continue to vibrate as normal.

Will my alarm go off in theater mode Apple Watch?

When Theater Mode is on, your watch will not display any information until you tap the screen, regardless of whether or not your wrist is raised. The combination of the two modes ensures that you will not receive any notifications, and that the face of your watch will not light up by accident. Even when you have the Apple Watch set to sleep mode, any alarms that you have previously set will continue to sound.