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How to Use Fill Command in Minecraft


One of the most fun aspects of playing Minecraft is constructing various kinds of buildings. In Minecraft, you can design your own maps for adventures or even build a replica of the planet itself. There is no limit to the possibilities. However, if you are anything like me, the effort of positioning several thousand bricks in order to build a structure feels like an insurmountable obstacle. It’s a good thing for both of us that the game includes a unique component. If you are familiar with the fill command in Minecraft, then rearranging, placing, and replacing blocks will appear to be very simple tasks for you to complete.

This can save you hours, if not days, of actual time that would have been spent constructing a massive structure. However, despite having such potential, it is unable to assist you in the design of your architectural project. The sole remedy for this problem is found on our list of the greatest Minecraft house ideas. Now that we’ve established that, let’s change the way we create in Minecraft for good by learning how to use the fill command.

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How to Use Fill Command in Minecraft

In order to construct a simple building in Minecraft, you need to become familiar with the fill command.

1. Locate a level, open space to serve as the location of the structure you intend to construct. When you are in creative mode, you have the option to fly in the air and construct wherever you like. The “/fill” command is another option for clearing an area by eliminating its blocks, as you will see in the following section of this lesson.

How to Use Fill Command in Minecraft

2. Position yourself in a particular nook of the space you want to fill, and make a note of the coordinates of that nook. After that, navigate to the opposite corner of that region and jot down the coordinates of that point. It must be on a diagonal that is directly perpendicular to the initial corner you chose. You are need to make separate notations for the X, Y, and Z coordinates of both locations.

How to Use Fill Command in Minecraft

3. The next step is to enter the chat menu and then type in the following command:

/fill x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 blockname

In this case, the coordinates of the first corner are denoted by x1, y1, and z1; likewise, the coordinates of the second corner are denoted by x2, y2, and z2 respectively. In the meantime, you will need to change the “blockname” with the name of the up-game block that you wish to make use of to fill in that particular space. For instance, if you type “/fill -28 108 99 -40 125 111 soil,” a massive cuboid formed of dirt blocks will be generated.

How to Use Fill Command in Minecraft


What is the command to fill water in Minecraft?

You will need the builder’s wand item, then you will need to use the command /wand set water-table, and then you will need to right-click the wand in front of the hole you wish to fill. The water will be added up to the level that you clicked on in the menu.

How many blocks can I fill in Minecraft?

The Fill command will not place blocks in the void or beyond the world’s limit if either of those conditions are met. It is capable of simultaneously placing up to 32,768 blocks.

How do you summon herobrine?

In spite of what many players believe, it is not possible to call upon Herobrine in Minecraft. There is not a single shred of evidence in Minecraft that points to the existence of this character. However, this lends credence to the concept that he possesses magical qualities and, more significantly, serves to further bolster the character’s reputation as a myth.

How do you fill multiple blocks?

Display any recent activity on this post. Perform the command /fill then place 50 blocks of either wood or stone or any other type of block. The placement of the blocks will be decided by chance, but both of them will be used.

Can TNT mine diamonds?

Using those numbers, if you mine diamonds with a Fortune III pickaxe, you will obtain an average of 2.5 diamonds each ore block. On the other hand, if you mine diamonds using TNT, you would obtain an average of 0.25 diamonds every ore block. Therefore, despite the fact that TNT may be used to mine any ore, it is not a very efficient method (but could theoretically help out in a pinch).