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Legendary Tales 2 Walkthrough – [All that You Need to Know]


Legendary Tales 2 Walkthrough

In this legendary tales 2 walkthrough we will share everything about ship, mosaic, beetle and its bonus chapter. Legendary Tales 2 is a single-player adventure video game. The video game has been developed by FIVE-BN Games and is available for Mobile Devices. The game takes the players on an interesting ride. It has a thrilling plot and with the high-detailed graphics, you will get immersed in the video game.  You can test your detective skills while playing this game. In this guide, we will do a Legendary Tales 2 Walkthrough so that you can win the levels of the game with complete ease.

16 Tasks In Legendary Tales 2

The game throws sixteen different challenges for the players. Each task will take the story forward and will bring new challenging puzzles for the players. Every task is set in a unique location and is fully loaded with several hidden objects. If you are stuck somewhere in Legendary Tales 2 then the Legendary Tales 2 Walkthrough Guide will allow you to find all the solutions for you. Here are the 16 tasks the player will have to complete in Legendary Tales 2.

  1. Go To The Tower

The story kicks off with thrilling scenes. The mountain shakes and gets blasted. A witch comes into the picture and she dreams of a mountain. She listens to a voice that says to follow the bird. This scene ends, and the game takes you ahead in the garden. This is where you will discover a scarecrow and many other things.

  1. Get To The Harbour

After you have reached the Tower, your goal will be to find the Harbor. It may not be as easy as it seems because you have to open the gate to discover the horse and find the saddle as you have to fix the cart. You also have to find some hidden objects as they are found only in one location. The players have to come out of the tower to find clues. You must discover the belt that will allow you to fix the saddle. You will solve tricky puzzles to get to the next level.

  1. Get On The Ship

You are given the task of getting on the ship. The players will start the investigation and find the truth behind the scene. After you have reached the ship you will find the hidden objects and will unlock doors. You will reach your destination when you find the ship. You will need a key to open the door. This key is in the old man’s hands. He will give you the keys if you bring a bottle of rum for him.

  1. In The Ship

“In the Ship” task is all about finding hidden objects. You will need sharp eyes and a smart brain like a detective to complete this task. The game will take you to the ship, where you will be searching for hidden items. These four tasks are interconnected and you have got things to explore. Once you have reached the shop you will be given a set of puzzles to solve. When you are done solving them then you will be taken to the next level.

  1. Send the arch witch to sleep

After you have given a glass of wine to the witch, the next thing you have to do is to set out on an adventure. The task will include finding some hidden objects. The players will be able to interact with the environment and the surroundings and will have to discover mini-games. You will also find clues that will help you to release the ancient. The players will be using the picklock and will be opening the door to reach the room. This room is a well-furnished area and will consist of many different clues for your next mission. The players have to interact with the cupboard that is located on the left side. You have to tap on the table and discover items. You also have to utilize these items to solve puzzles and all the mini-games.

  1. Release the ancient

When you are done completing your “Release the Ancient,” task then you will move on to the Escape from the wreck. You will be given a new task that will require you to meet “Escape the Wreck.” The game will take you to the last scene, and will show you how the witch has attacked the protagonist. She made fire everywhere which caused the shipwreck. The players will witness the destruction of the protagonist. She barely managed to survive but still needs your help. She needs to find a way out because she is a truck inside the water. The players must help the protagonist to escape from the wreck. Once you are done solving this puzzle you will be taken to the next level.

  1. Escape from wreck

After you have escaped from the Wreck you will meet the witch. She is trapped in prison, and she is looking for someone who can help her. She wants to escape from prison but cannot do so without your help. This is a long task and will take a long time to complete. You should also hone the skill of a detective when you are looking for hidden objects. The players are also able to discover the hidden things that are near the waterfall. You also have to complete an objective of taking two steps back inside the room.

  1. Escape from Prison

There is a list of objects that you need to discover. Everything task given to you in the game will rely on your detective skills. You will have to find the hidden objects and will be given the task to add as many of them to your inventory. The inventory is located at the bottom of your screen. This inventory will allow you to analyze and combine the items that you need to use to solve the puzzle. This game will challenge your detective skills. You will have to find the hidden object that is hidden in two or three locations. The players will be given the task to find fifteen different objects that are kept somewhere on the scene. They might be hidden behind the curtains or somewhere in the drums.

  1. Cure the Ancient

Once the witch is ready to escape from the prison she seems to be trapped in the rich forest for now. It seems that she can’t possibly come out too. If the witch wants to become successful while escaping she has to find some hidden objects and solve the tricky and challenging puzzles. In the beginning, you may have to interact with another witch. However, that will not let you go to the Treasure Hunter’s house. Therefore you need to find all the proper ingredients and hidden objects all at once. This will help you prepare the Magic lantern that will help you disable the witch.

  1. Find the totem

Another important task in the game is ‘Find the totem’. This game will help you polish your problem-solving skills. Furthermore, it will lead to another challenging task that you must take care of. The story follows the witch that is trapped in a location and looking to escape. There are plenty of different locations that you can explore. Each one of them has unique sets of objects that you all have to discover. The game doesn’t give any hints on what to find next and you have to do it all on your own.

  1. Clear the entrance to the cave

Next up is the ‘clear the entrance to the cave’ task. In this task, your goal will be to clear the entrance to the cave. Another important thing is to tap the manual and find out the ingredients that you must have. You will require a list of fuse, salt pepper, pearl powder, gun powder, and quartz. As you have the list now, you need to look for a bomb. Let’s embark on a journey where you find hidden objects along with tricky puzzles.

  1. Fix the boat

When you have received the bomb in clear the entrance task you can use it to complete the next task. You can use the bombs to destroy some of the biggest stones and find your way inside the cave. Finally, you will move inside the cave and can fix the boat with your best possible skills.

  1. Get into the bunker

Once the players have repaired the boat, they have to complete the get into the bunker task. The female lead of the game along with the other two main characters must escape from the scene. They have to get into the bunker while the female lead has to find some hidden objects as well. It is necessary to complete the puzzle but there are plenty of other tasks too. You will have to first find and search all the items. Moreover, add them into your inventory so they can be used in other tasks of the game.

  1. Find the crystal

In the previous tasks, players will have to visit three different locations. They can find all the hidden objects and look for ways to complete the task. This time the next task will be ‘Find the crystal’. You can easily get it by getting in touch with the old man. Some prominent objects are still in your inventory. The list of objects includes Ladder, Buttons, Lock Parts, and Dagger. You must visit the ancient temple for finding some hidden objects. However, you will have to solve mini-games to unlock some of the next locations conveniently.

  1. into the bunker

When you move on to the ‘into the bunker’ task you will be only a few steps away from giving freedom to the witch. Only you are the one who can help take her out of the danger. This next task will start right from the exact location that you are trying to investigate since the last task. When you explore the environment it will be comparatively easy as compared to finding the hidden items. In this task, you are supposed to look for the ancient temple.

You have to utilize the ideas and discover clues to find the next locations inside the game. Therefore, you need to polish your skills and find hidden objects. When you become the master it will help you continue the last two tasks. It is suitable for solving tricky puzzles and trying to escape.

  1. Prevent a catastrophe

Preventing a catastrophe is the last task of legendary tales two. When you complete the final task it will help you get rid of all the problems at once. In the previous task, the players will get a hatch and move into the temple. It will unlock everything especially when you play a mask mini-game. In short, completing the second last puzzle has never been easy for any of the players.

Similarly, just like all the other tasks, you will have to put up with puzzle solving and hidden objects. You will enjoy a maze-like environment and your objective is to collect all the stuff from the cabinets. When you return to the entrance it may become a struggle to retrieve all the energy sources. Meanwhile, your teammates will have to prepare almost everything for the launch.

How To Fix Ladder in Legendary Tales 2?

If you are curious to know how to fix the ladder in legendary tales two. Here is what you need to do:

  • To fix the ladder, simply tap on the window that is present on the left side. It will help you discover Crescent and Nail puller
  • There is a board that features strange symbols, click on it to open up the secret section
  • Next up is to pick the cutter and collect the horn
  • Players can pick up the gem from the tray and select the scissors
  • You can get the second gem and click on the board. Now you can select a stone from the inventory as well
  • To complete the game, players must place all the green and red gems to make them shine brightly


If you like to play Legendary tales two you will find this post helpful. It will help you complete all the 16 tasks and finish off the game in style!