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Mobile Legends have now Surpassed 75 million Active Players


It is no longer new for the Chinese government to stand in the way of the creativity of global game developers. China makes up a very large part of the gaming community and is very far ahead in the MMORPG scene with Korea. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games are also very popular in China and are actively played by millions of players.

Mobile Legends is currently one of the largest mobile games and had a total of 500 million downloads in August. The game mobile legends hack 2020 had an active number of over 75 million players in Dec 2019 alone. So the mobile game became popular, thanks to which the game attracted the attention of the e-sports industry. The e-sports scene surrounding Mobile Legends has been growing steadily ever since and was able to record a profit of $ 120,000 in 2019.

But now there is bad news from China. The state government has announced that it wants to take a harder line when it comes to regulating online games. This is not only applied to Chinese games, but also to games outside of China.

For example, blood, no matter what color, is not allowed in video games. It has also been announced that some game content needs to be regulated. All texts in games must now be written in Chinese, and this also applies to the titles of the games. Loot boxes and other lucky systems must list all probabilities.

Corpses in games are also affected by this new law. So dead players or corpses have to “disappear” quickly and no puddles of blood are left behind. Furthermore, virtual marriage in video games should not be allowed for underage gamers. If a release violates these rules several times, it is apparently prohibited in China. It will also not be possible for minors to play online games between midnight and 8 am.

Measures were also taken against popular mini-games and HTML-5 games. Games that were previously playable directly in the app or browser may not be published without a license. A frightening new rule is that games that deal with Chinese culture and history will have a higher priority. Harem games are completely history – such video games can no longer be published in China.

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