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New Technologies Expand the Possibilities of New Online Gaming Trends


The gaming industry has experienced tremendous changes in recent years. Most of the changes have been inspired by technological innovations. Reports have suggested that these changes have also helped the industry to grow significantly. For example, if you are a poker fan, you can download poker apps for Android and enjoy a great gambling experience, on the go. So, how have new technologies expanded the possibilities of new online gaming trends? Read on to find out more. 

Streaming Instead Of Downloading

The trend has been you buy a game online and wait for it to download. However, with more advanced network infrastructure, you can now buy a game and start enjoying it immediately through streaming

This trend has allowed technologies such as cloud computing to enter the gaming industry through cloud gaming. With this technology, gamers no longer worry about their hardware capabilities, and they can also take their gaming experience on the go. 

Game streaming has also expanded the possibilities of playing top titles on mobile devices. All these developments point to a gaming future where streaming will be the primary distribution method. 

Virtual Reality Will Have a Significant Impact

VR gaming has grown slowly to be a massive technology in the gaming industry. Streaming technology will also help take VR gaming to the next level. Gamers were restricted from enjoying top games because they needed expensive hardware to play the games. Experts also expect the VR headsets to become more pocket-friendly.

Some of the possibilities brought about by VR gaming include increased control possibilities, unmatched gaming experiences, and sophisticated graphics. But, at the moment, there are several hurdles that VR gaming must overcome for it to have its full potential in the gaming industry.

A Thin Line between the Real World and the Virtual World

When you look at the success of games like Pokemon Go, you will realize that modern-day gamers are interested in new technology that blends the physical and virtual worlds. The development of wearable technology like contact lenses and glasses gives augmented reality gaming more possibilities.

For example, gamers will not have to rely on controllers and other gadgets to enjoy games. Instead, they can enjoy the games with their bodily movements. Experts project that photorealism will develop to a point where it will be nearly impossible to tell apart from the real world.

End of Console Wars?

In the current gaming market, there is stiff competition between top consoles such as Playstation and Xbox. Their fans are always waiting for the latest console to hit the market. However, this might no longer be the trend in the future.

As mentioned earlier, cloud gaming enables players to enjoy their preferable games from any device. However, experts argue that this trend will take some time to evolve as gaming companies find out how to adjust.

Bottom Line

Technological innovations will dictate the future of gaming. As mentioned in this piece, two technologies seem to be leading the line. Cloud gaming and mobile gaming have significantly transformed the gaming industry. But, the two technologies have not been utilized future. Therefore, gamers should brace themselves for better times ahead.