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Sea of Stars: All Building Plans


In Sea of Stars, players can renovate and grow the settlement of Mirth with the help of building blueprints. Hotels, stores, fishing shacks, and even spas are all possible thanks to these blueprints. However, it is unclear where you find these blueprints, and tracking them out may be a time-consuming process. Read this article for a complete breakdown of the Sea of Stars Building Plans:

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What are the Building Plans in Sea of Stars?

Players can make significant improvements to the town of Mirth, which they help found with rescued residents, with the help of Building Plans. with the world’s villagers as labor, players can construct new shops and regions with these blueprints and earn bonuses, items, and rewards for doing so.

Sea of Stars: All Building Plans

In the Haunted Manor, defeating the Dweller of Woe and then rescuing Brisk from the Dweller of Strife is required to gain access to Mirth. Then, after transporting the inhabitants to Settler’s Island, you’ll encounter Jirard the Constructionist, who looks like a specific YouTube personality, and he’ll ask you to bring him any designs you come across in order to expand the settlement.

Where to Find Building Plans in Sea of Stars

For players’ convenience, Building Plans can be obtained from a single location: Lake Docarria. However, you won’t have any luck just buying them or discovering a chest full of them.

Sea of Stars: All Building Plans

The blueprints may be obtained by speaking with Mirna, a young NPC located in the upper right corner of town. Depending on how many Rainbow Conches you have, she will offer you various gifts, some of which are Building blueprints.

All Building Plans and Their Uses

These are the blueprints for every Mirth structure in Sea of Stars, along with descriptions of their functions and instructions on how to create them.

Inn Plans

The Inn is an important building in Mirth since it provides a respite from your travels. It has a campfire where you may relax and prepare food for your group. The Inn also has a Wheels table, a popular minigame that may be played for both enjoyment and rewards.

Sea of Stars: All Building Plans

In order to build the Inn, you will need 11 Rainbow Conches, which can be found throughout the game. When you’re ready to begin building, you can do so by making an appointment with Edgar, the innkeeper in Lucent.

Shop Plans

The Shop is another crucial structure in Mirth because of the accessibility of necessities it provides. You can get the basic supplies you’ll need for your trip right here. The Salient Sails Relic, available from the Shop, is a one-of-a-kind item that provides a 20% boost to sailing speed.

Sea of Stars: All Building Plans

You’ll need to collect 19 Rainbow Conches to gain access to the Shop. Find the mother and son in Docarri Village if you’ve gathered enough money to open the Shop.

Fisherman’s Hut Plans

You may make the most of the game’s robust fishing system, which is facilitated by the Fisherman’s Hut, in Sea of Stars. The Fisherman’s Hut, once built, allows you to catch previously seen fish species, with rewards proportional to the total quantity of fish caught. Increasing your reeling speed in this structure can also help you catch more fish.

Sea of Stars: All Building Plans

The Fisherman’s Hut requires 22 Rainbow Conches to construct. If you want help fishing at Mooncradle, you should find the Fisherman NPC who is in charge of the hut.

Spa Plans

Every member of the group can benefit from a trip to the exquisite Spa in Mirth. Sending a member of your party to the spa for 250G will grant them temporary increases to their stats. This can be especially helpful in tough conflicts or whenever more motivation is needed to accomplish a difficult task.

The cost in Sea of Stars to build the Spa is 39 Rainbow Conches. For the appropriate stat enhancements for your party members, please see the Bathing Mole in Stonemason Outpost.


Who is the constructionist in the Sea of Stars?

Sea of Stars features a character named Jirard the Constructionist, or just Jirard. Using the blueprints provided by the party, he constructs new facilities for Mirth.

Who are the main characters in the Sea of Stars?

Two heroes, Valere and Zale, are put under the player’s hands, and they must employ the energies of the sun and moon to defeat an alchemist. In Sea of Stars, you can take control of up to six different characters and engage in puzzle-solving and turn-based battle. The critical reception to Sea of Stars was overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

How many playable characters are in Sea of Stars?

In addition to the six main protagonists, there are a few other NPCs who tag along for the ride but don’t get in on the action. The most notable of these is Teaks, and Sea of Stars would be incomplete without a little nod to her. Without further ado, let’s rate all of the playable characters with 100% spoilers on.

What is the level cap in Sea of Stars?

The maximum level in Sea of Stars is 30, but the game’s leveling system lets players fine-tune their party’s attributes including health, defenses against physical and magical attacks, and more.