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Street Fighter 6: How to Play Ken


Each playable character in Street Fighter 6 has unique skills, playstyle, and backstory. You can pick from a large cast of characters in Street Fighter 6. Some, like Lily and Kimberly, are simple to pick up and play, while others, like JP and Zangief, need much practice to master every quarter-circle sequence of movements.

Ken is the game’s second playable character and was initially implemented as a colour swap for Ryu. Ken Masters is one of the more user-friendly characters in terms of learning the game’s controls, and he is able to compete favorably with the game’s top characters because of this and other factors. Read this guide if you want to know how to dominate as Ken in Street Fighter VI.

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Ken Basics in Street Fighter 6

For a long time, Ken was seen as little more than a variation of Ryu. Ken’s kicks and uppercuts were more powerful than Ryu’s fireballs and long-range attacks. Ken changed from a traditional Shoto (Ryu-like) personality to a more rushed one over time.

The idea behind “rush-down” is straightforward: it’s a strategy for applying pressure to the opposition. A character who uses the rush-down strategy gets right up in their opponent’s face and keeps on striking them from all directions.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Ken

Ken completely assumed this role in Street Fighter 5, and he remains at his most powerful in this role in Street Fighter 6. Ken retains several of Ryu’s signature moves, such as the Hadoken and Shoryuken, but he also has some of his own, like the Jinrai Kick and the Dragonlash Kick. Both help you close the gap and put the pressure on.

Ken’s Strengths

Ken’s anti-air options, which include special moves and their Super, will allow him to counter a wide variety of aerial combos effectively. Ken is masterful at trapping his foes in place, and his gear enables him to force them to retreat from combat. This can be disastrous for opponents like Luke, who thrive in close combat but struggle when forced to switch to longer-ranged attacks.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Ken

Ken is also capable of cornering his opponents and keeping them there. Not even his regular strikes go unnoticed; following a successful special attack, his opponents will be pushed back by the speed and knockback of his regular attacks.

Ken’s Weaknesses

The long time it takes for Ken to get back on his feet is his major drawback. His low recovery makes it simple to get a Drive in against him or close the distance during this period, despite his ability to push opponents away and have a plethora of specials for those not up in his face. Combatants of experience will often engage in a back-and-forth using Luke and Ken, with Luke’s player closing the distance during Ken’s recovery period, only to be pushed back out of effective range.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Ken

You’re risking an extremely powerful combo if you don’t deal with opponents that narrow this gap. Ken will also favor short, powerful combos over longer, less effective ones. This is wonderful for gamers who want shorter combos, but it also means his attacks won’t deal as much damage to the enemy’s health bar as those of longer-combo characters. Ken’s opponents fare better against zoners like Dhalsim and JP, whose effective range is closer to Ken’s own.

Ken’s Moves and Basic Combos

Ken’s updated his standard repertoire, providing longtime players fresh new options. Detailed below are his signature maneuvers and attacks, as well as some beginner-friendly combo examples.

Special Moves

Special Moves Input
Hadoken Down – Forward – Punch
Shoryuken Forward – Down – Down/forward – Punch
Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku (Hurricane Kick) Down – Back – Kick
Dragonlash Kick Forward – Down – Down/forward – Kick
Jinrai Kick Down – Forward – Kick (followed by forward and any kick for follow-up)

Unique Attacks

Unique Attacks Input
Chin Buster (Target Combo) Medium Punch – Heavy Punch
Triple Flash Kicks Medium Kick x2 – Heavy Kick
Quick Dash Any two kick buttons pressed together(followed by any kick for follow-up)

Super Arts

Super Arts Input
Dragonlash Flame (Down – Back/Down – Back)x2 – Kick
Shippu Jinrai-Kyaku (Down – Forward/Down – Forward)x2 – Kick
Shinryu Reppa (Critical Art) (Down – Forward/Down – Forward)x2 – Punch


You should learn a few key combinations from Ken. To start, his crouching medium kick is a fantastic combination starter. Add a Hadoken, then his Critical Art, the Tatsumaki or Shinryu Reppa.

Chin Buster, Ken’s signature combo starter, can be used to initiate a similar combo for more damage. A Shoryuken, Super, or Critical Art is a great next move. Quick Dash can be used after a medium/heavy punch, and then a kick or special strike can finish off the combo.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Ken

Ken’s medium kick from standing is a useful tool for poking, and it’s even better because it leads to a natural combo with a second medium kick and then a heavy kick. This easy-to-carry-out combo is perfect for players who are just starting out or who have been away from the game for a while and want to get back into the swing of things.

To sum up, the majority of Ken’s combinations begin with a medium punch or kick, then progress to a heavy blow, and finally end with a unique maneuver. When using a Hadoken combination, the EX version may usually be used quickly afterward to combo into a Super or his Critical Art, dealing a lot of damage.


Will Ken be in Street Fighter 6?

After being virtually absent from professional play for the majority of previous editions of the game, Ken has made his way back to the top of the competitive tier list in Street Fighter 6.

What happens to Ken in Street Fighter 6?

Ken was forced to leave his family and his business in order to go into hiding when he was accused of being the mastermind of a criminal conspiracy.

Why does Ken look different in Street Fighter 6?

The filmmakers have indicated that Ken seems this way because he is “on the run from something” and that something has caused him to become estranged from both his wife Eliza and his son Mel. However, they have declined to provide a great deal of additional information.

How old is Ken in SF6?

According to the documentation for Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Ken’s birthday is February 14, 1965. When the events of SF6 take place, he will be approximately 42 years old.