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The Most Famous Mini-games In The Witcher


Do you like mini-games? If the answer is yes you are on one page that is created just for you. Below we will take one of the best video games and see each mini game that is present in it. We are referring to the Witcher video game and all the smaller options you have at your disposal. There are quite a few of these so stay tuned. Some of you will prefer card games, while others will want to know more about cd projekt red and wild hunt. Anyway, we will try to explain all the matters below as simply as we can. Yes, many of you think of Gwent immediately, but there are other options as well.

Dice poker

This option is available in Witcher 2 and the original title. It is an ideal way to make orens in no time. It is also one of the mini-games many players like. Players get 5 dice each and the goal is to have the strongest hand. But, you can also raise a bet, bet that dice will re-roll or more. The size of the bet can be placed depending on the player’s experience. You can find and enjoy this title in Temeria where it is extremely popular.

If you like dice and poker games you may want to play these at real, online casinos using real money. You will need a payment method and Paysafe in NZ is extremely common. Just make sure to check out the reviews of each online casino real money NZ Paysafe supports to get the best perks and the most for your money. Each review is written by experts and it is more than just helpful.

Fist fighting

Fist fighting is great if you want to make money quickly and to reach certain locations. This is not the same as Gwent which is considered to be the most popular of them all. Gwent will be explained further below. The game doesn’t use cards. It uses fists. You can click on any character and start the fight. It is a good way to practice skills and to make money in the game. This has been one of wiki targeted games that most players prefer, next to Gwent of course. Fist fighting can be played all the time.

There is no way to cheat here. However, some players like to know all about how they can spot players who Cheat in Poker which has been an interesting topic these days. It is definitely something you may want to understand better. It can be useful as well and can make a massive difference.

Romance cards

Yes, the game does use cards but not in the way you think. You will collect sexcards of characters who you sleep with. A while back players had to edit source to be able to see all the cards. Now, most can do it without any modifications. The idea here is to collect trophies and it is one of those mini-games all players like and want to play. The cards are based on a card style of the same kind used in the 20th century in the real world.


Gwent is present in the Witcher 3 and this option replaced the dice game completely. This Witcher card game is about armies fighting. They are represented by tiles and players control both armies. It is a fast paced title that is extremely thrilling. Gwent, alongside the third sequel, has many interesting facts that some of you will want to know. This card development is complex in the lack of a better word and it will require a lot of time to perfect so practice. It is also one of those things that made Witcher so popular. Gwent is also popular outside the game. You can play it online and you can develop your card strategies to use later in the main game.

Horse racing

Roach is the horse of Geralt. he will race with his horse versus an opponent. He will place a bet at the bookkeeper and the race can commence. If he win, he wins more cash but if he loses he will lose the bet, obviously. This is not a card development and it is considered as something a player must do. Card option may be something you like more? Then take a look at the options above and pick one. Anyway, Gwent is for those who want to play and relax. This one is for those who want a fast-paced and thrilling option and who will often need tips on how to win which is available as well.

We must add that stunning graphics make all of this even better. The level of details is stunning and it makes each race special. It’s no wonder why so many users enjoy this option above anything else. Keep in mind that it is available in the third sequel alongside Gwent and other mini creations. The third sequel has many mini games you can play. Enjoy playing or racing.

Arm wrestling

It is as the name suggests. This mini addition is something that most players enjoy playing all the time. It is one of the simplest mini-games here. Find an opponent in the inn, place a bid and start. Your mission is to slam his hand to the table and you are a winner. This game is available only in the second sequel which is a shame. Most users would like to enjoy it alongside Gwent or mix the two and create something even more radical.


Yes, Gwent is the one title we all know from Witcher but it is not the only one. Now you know all about the best and most appealing options here. Try all of these in order to get the best idea and to make up your mind. All players can enjoy all of the titles here which is a nice thing. It is also something that makes the original title one of the best creations of all time.

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