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Top 5 Best Video Game Themed Slots


Today we are going to present to you the top 5 video game themed slots that are worthy of your time. The best video game themed slot will still depend on your individual preference but we can say that these 5 have all the right ingredients. Many of the online slot machines are based or at least have themes from interesting and appealing aspects of life. We can say that most themed slot games are extremely popular today. gaming and gambling are more connected than you may believe, hence we can see great slot examples that are good to play but also offer the biggest rewards. Anyway, below you can see top video game themed slots and you can play all of these or pick the ones you like the most and enjoy.

Tomb Raider Slot Game

The main character here is Lara Croft as a raider and the slot has all the right ingredients that were seen in the movies and games. The graphics are stunning and you can enjoy video clips as you spin the reels. The slot has 5 reels and 15 pay lines. You can win 7500 coins and you can get free spins, bonus, and more. It is definitely one of the best video game themed slot machines and one that made life better for countless players in terms of fun and coins. Gamers love this title and they prefer slot themes that are based on actual games. In this case scenario, we are looking at a special bonus round possible once you land 3 scatter symbols. It is one of 5 best slots of all time. Symbols, theme, animations, sounds, and more are all at the highest level possible in this game. Tomb Raider has been the game to load. Explore any tomb as Lara and take a bath in action. The slot is also based on a movie with the same name,

You can find this slot at many online casinos. It is extremely popular. You can also find it at Australian online casino sites as well. Keep in mind that you need to check out the reviews of the best casinos in the country first. By doing this you can get the best bonuses, best perks and so much more. Now you know where to take a look at the best gambling sites all reviewed and tested by professionals.

Zuma Slot Game

Zuma is one game like no other. Back in the day, it was extremely common. Now you can get a video game slot machine and get the best experience at the same time. The game offers symbols borrowed from the actual game and also is paired with certain poker symbols. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines which is the most common layout these days. It is a bit hard to find some themed slot machines and this may apply to this game. However, with a bit of luck, you can find this and many other DC comics slots if you know where to look. After that, you are good to go and have fun.

Zuma can be downloaded for free and played so you can see the similarities between the actual title and video slot. Yes, you can also find a free slot version as well.

Call Of Duty

Most gamers and gamblers have special and specific desires they want to get from the games. You may look for the best games on TV shows or you want the best game period. If the answer is related to the latter, you will need to like this game. It is one of the video games that have been extremely common and desirable.

Here we would like to mention two main elements. First of all, there are 2 features you will love. In these video games, dark themes and explosions are common. Well, they are brought to the slot game as well. This modern warfare slot has a dark interface and bombs can explode and remove some of the icons. They will be replaced with wild icons. It is one of those online slot machines like no other.

Street Fighter

The game was released in 1987 and became a massive hit. It is one of the most successful video game franchises you can see. Features are simple and there are not a lot of impressive elements in the lack of a better word. The Street Fighter is based on two characters and uses 5 reels and 25 paylines. This is the most common layout in video slots.

Now, all you have to do is to spin the game and you are ready to go. This particular title is a bit hard to find. It isn’t available at all sites but you will need time to find the ones that do offer it.

Resident Evil

Here you don’t have to worry about edition update 14 released or other games. All you have to do is to spin the reel. This is one of those games that can be scary to experience. You can see the logos of the Umbrella corporation and also the game. The layout is 5×20 and all characters, elements, and icons are present all the time. Winnings are high and if you are not scared by the game, you will get a couple of them.

You probably know that games Resident Evil have been rated many times and that they are considered to be masterpieces. All we can add is that we agree. Yes, these are perfections and you can see the same deal when it comes to the specific variation we are referring to. The best way to get a complete idea about this title is to do the obvious. It is very common though.


All of what we have said and explained above can be defined as slot gaming. It is a mixture of two different worlds that have countless similarities. The most essential thing to remember is that all users can load these titles and get the best time of their life. These are that special and they are masterpieces in the lack of a better word.

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