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What are the best places to see in Ireland?


From its rich Irish culture to its breath-taking natural landscapes, Ireland is famous for the beauty God has gifted it. Ireland is one of the best tourist spots. It has some locations that tourists can never ignore while being there. Despite its small size, the country is known worldwide for many reasons. Another important point, the Irish people are very genuine and kind-hearted. They would welcome you warmly whenever you have the chance to go there. Also known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland has got one of the captivating beauty in the world. People who have traveled to this magnificent place, can’t stop praising it. They have suggested visiting this place once in life. And told us about the best places to see in Ireland if you are planning to go there. 

Ireland is situated in Northwestern Europe. The neighboring borders of water are that of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a coastline with a length of about 7500 km. 

Ireland is divided into two areas, the one in the Republic of Ireland and the other in Northern Ireland (this area is under the rule of the United Kingdom). About 80% of Ireland is not its part but with the UK government and only 20% is the Ireland we know and discuss. Whether north or south, the whole of Ireland is God-gifted. Stunning valleys, lush green plains, high cliffs, mesmerizing sea views, baffling streets, exotic beaches, delicious food. Talking about Irish food and particularly seafood, once eaten so you would have the urge to eat it again and again. 

Best Places to See in Ireland:

Describing the temperature, we would say is temperate and due to that, we have a huge diversity of cattle and farms in Ireland. The changing temperature suits the plant diversity as well. For sure you can come across forests in Ireland like the famous one is Winter Fell. 

  • Galway

It is situated in the West of Ireland. Galway is known for the origination of the Irish language “Gaelic”. You would have an idea of the well-known Gaelic traditions and customs throughout the globe. It is best known for its art galleries and shops. When you walk in the street of Galway, you can see the cobblestone pathways, live music venues, and art galleries. It has the baffling and busiest streets. This area is known to be the center of Irish music. The people also say that this location is the only one left throughout the whole of Ireland, where the real native Irish language is spoken on the streets.

Tourists also called it funky in the sense that all the musicians are living here in Galway. The whole wide world knows Galway as the city of music. Galway also has some killer restaurants, famous for Irish food especially seafood. If it’s Irish stew, Soda bread, or Smoked Salmon, all have a distinguishing taste than other cuisines. The oysters for which Galway is famous, are served in different forms and recipes. The Oyster Village is there for around 100 years, well you can guess the fame it has got because of its oysters. 

  • Aran Islands

These islands are located at the West coast of Ireland, nearly located to Galway. It has attracted tourists for decades, all because it is isolated from the mainland. The inhabitants of this area are more traditional as compared to the ones living in the cities. The towns and villages situated here give a glimpse of their history in their attitude, infrastructure, and even the food they eat.

People mostly visit this place to have a taste of the ancient Irish rich culture. Some very beautiful churches are present here that can be a must to see when you visit the Aran Islands. The houses are not huge in number and the people living there are less in number. The view from the cliffs is amazing, and not only this but from the top view of the cliffs you can see the sea as well as moving around you can see the green, grassy fields of the villages. 

The Worm House is a place on the coast where cliff diving takes place. Some tourists visit Ireland only for this yearly gala type of cliff diving. These attires make this place one of the best places to see in Ireland. 

  • Kinsley

One of the prettiest towns in Ireland, it’s situated on the riverside. The view from this riverside would touch your soul. The shops present in this town are vibrantly colored to attract people towards them. Walking through the street would fill you up with intense joy. The historical aspects of this city witness the presence of Fort James on one side of the river and Fort Charles on the other side of the river.  Besides this, we also have the 17th-century lighthouse situated in Kinsley. 

  • Dingle Peninsula

It is located on the Western coast of Ireland. Here you can enjoy the beaches and the cliffy area. The sound of the waves and sea breeze feels relaxing. This serene environment offers peace of mind without any distractions of car noise or pollution. For the convenience of visitors, hotels, motels, and restaurants have been constructed which shows satisfactory results. 

Due to the beaches present in Dingle Peninsula, surfing is popular there. Many tiny houses are made there which look like a beehive. The green and grassy hills surround the town and can be a splendid picnic spot for sure. 

  • Glendalough 

This place is situated in the South of Dublin. This is known as the monastery on the monk Saint Kevin. Having the traditional characteristics, Glendalough is one of the important historical Irish places, they play a major role in history. It has importance in the ninth century, where still one of the well-known cathedrals remains incomplete. This unfinished building is famous because of its incompleteness, isn’t that amazing! Tourists visit it just to see the ruins of ancient Ireland. This place is regarded as beautiful because of its antique relics, and if you are an antique freak, then kindly visit Glendalough once in your lifetime. You can get a lot there about history. Glendalough also has the Round Tower, which is very popular among foreign-based tourists. 

  • Giant’s Causeway 

On the steep coast, there is located the Giant’s Causeway. You can reach this place by going to the Northeast of Ireland. These are huge honeycombs type structure of stones that are situated on the bay. Approximately, these hexagonal structures are around 40000 in number. Who would have counted the? They are quite a lot. But let us tell you that these structures are not man-made, but they are natural. They have been formed by the erosion and weathering of stones or some say might be the reaction of a volcanic eruption millions of years back.

The erosion has made these structures and has given them such an attraction that tourists can’t resist themselves. There is a myth about this Giant’s Causeway is that this place was created by two giants who were in a state of a fight! Well, that is not true because as mentioned before, these structures are due to the erosion and weathering of rocks or because of volcanic eruptions. 

Just near to the Giant’s causeway is the Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge. This bridge is as risky and adventurous at a time, as its name indicates. It is made of rope and is hanging between two cliffs, with the deep blue sea beneath your feet. When you walk upon the rope bridge, you could feel the cool sea breeze running through your veins.  

  • Killarney National Park

This national park is all-natural. It has got a scenic vibe all around as far as the eyesight can detect. The greenery, the landscapes, the relaxation, all are features found at this place. Killarney has got three enormous and captivating lakes. These are a spotlight for visitors around the world.  This national park has got waterfalls, hills, mounts, and some famous herbal areas that have the most famous plants. It is a must-visit on the bucket list of the best places to see in Ireland.  

  • Bru Na Boinne

It is a city famous for its mountains and mesmerizing view. This valley stands out as a great historic place. It has got about 5000 years old mounds and ruins that are important for its popularity. These mounds are 3 in number that is called Newgrange, Knowth, and Dowth. But Newgrange is the 

prominent one. These mounds are remains of the old Irish people who lived there. To my astonishment, human skeletons and bones were also discovered here which proves the existence of people years ago, inside the mounds. The mounds have been built with stones extremely skillfully. Tourists even climb up them to have a proper view of Bru Na Boinne. This city also has glaciers and waterfall as tourists’’ attractions.  

  • Newgrange: It is a tomb that still exists, as it was built in 3200 BC. It has taken more than 20 years to come into existence. One of the famous spots of Bru Na Boinne covers a 1-acre area under it. It is enormously huge! 
  • Dublin City

The capital city of Ireland. It is quite big for a city to be. 

The Dublin city has a tourist spot called the Trinity College which is home to knowledge and books. It was made by Irish monks thousands of years ago. An interesting fact we want to tell here is that there is a huge, elongated hall in Trinity College, and you might be surprised to know that the writer of Harry Potter got inspired by this and mentioned it in her novel. She introduced this hall as the library of the Harry Potter series. 

If you are into shopping and want to buy someone gifts or have something like a memory to keep, then you must visit the Irish Design Shop in Dublin. It has got awesome stuff to buy, from crafts to book to jewels and much more. Not to forget about the world-famous beer; Guinness Beer. You can find the main store here in Dublin having the original taste and aurora. 

The Wild Atlantic Way in Dublin is a popular spot. It is an amazing way of getting to know what Ireland is! It is in the North area of Ireland. There are many ice caped lakes and small villages there. The Wild Atlantic way has the Slieve League, which has the highest cliffs in all of Europe. The plus point here is that it is less crowded means you could get your inner peace. Man! Got to be the best place for photography!

  • Must visit Dublin Castle:

The Dublin Castle is another part of the best places list of Ireland. It plays its part in Irish history. Moreover, it served as an important government building of its time with the rulers engaging in meetings here. It acted as the administrative headquarters of British rule, years back. Not only the Dublin Castle but there are many other well-known castles in Dublin, such as the Drimnagh Castle, Rathfarnham Castle, and more. 

  • County Cork

This place is the birthplace of the famous seafood you can get anywhere. It is also famous for cheese production. There are traveling and picnicking areas near the villages. It is more like the countryside where you get farm-fresh food, dairy, and poultry. The cattle raised in County Cork is unignorably impressive. The coast has got a famous seaweed that is very delicious when cooked. People go diving just to get some of the tasty seaweed. The temperate here is moderate, which makes it perfect for tourists. It’s also important in the history of Ireland as it was the main spot in the battle between England and Irish people, for their independence. All because of these special locations and products it is one of the best places to see in Ireland. 

  • Belfast

The biggest city and most populated one with a population of around 300,000. Yes, that’s Belfast. Ireland has got its independence from the United Kingdom for the last 100 years. But still, half part remains with the UK. For a time, Belfast was the epicenter of violence but now it’s in a state of peace and all the killing and blasting have been diminished. Belfast is in the state of healing its wounds from the disastrous period it has gone through. The beauty of this city was destroyed but now the people have turned the destroyed area into a beautiful location by arts and painting. They have colored the whole city and made it a remarkable place so that tourist doesn’t blame it for its past incidents. 

  • Northern Ireland

Are you a fan of the Games of Thrones? If yes, then Northern Ireland would fascinate you a lot because, for your information, the shooting of Games of Thrones has been carried out in Northern Ireland. The real-life Winter Fell is there which allows you to be in the character of Games of Thrones for the day. You can practice archery, play with the swords and target hitting, even dress up like them.

The amazing fact is that they even have the wolves present! Damn! That is scary. But don’t worry the trainer stays with them so they won’t cause any harm. The film locations have been made so real that the whole place seems to be ancient. Walking in the forests or on the road feels like being a part of the Games of Thrones. Can you imagine how real that would feel? Well, that would be an enjoyable visit. When there you can look for different locations that you can relate to the Games of Thrones.  So, it is a must place for travelers making it the best places to see in Ireland. 

A Piece of Irish History:

Now, you know all about the best places to see in Ireland. Here is some guidance on the history of this amazing place. The settlers of Great Britain started to rule over Ireland when it was discovered. The Irish history has aspects of the Protestants and Catholic system and still today there are people of different believes living in Ireland. Britain never wanted to let go of Ireland so they divide the area into the Northern section and official Ireland. Northern Ireland has faced injustice since then but now the unrest has settled a bit. 

From the capital city, Dublin, to small islands in its surrounding, every place is best to visit. All the popularities would be mentioned now. If it’s the Trinity College or the famous Guinness beer, all are one the way.  Generally, if you are planning to have a tour of Ireland, you should make a list of the best places there. 

Final thoughts:

You have read about the history, popularity, culture, traditions, cities, best places to see in Ireland and much more. Hope you have been educated with this content about the specialty of Ireland. If you are a traveler and love being to natural, new, stunning places, then we would suggest you have a vacation in Ireland. This is how you can enjoy yourself and relax your mind with exceptional natural beauty.