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When is the New Among Us Map Coming Out?


I wish game developers would hold off on announcing additional content for their games until the game has actually been completed. I get that you have to build up the excitement and pique everyone’s curiosity, but the anticipation is always terrible. I think it would be preferable if I didn’t hear about fresh stuff until it was already ready to be consumed. But, hey, that’s life. If you’ve already been hyped up, you’re undoubtedly wondering when the next map in the Among Us series will be released.

The Airship, the next map for The Last of Us, was unveiled during the Game Awards 2020 ceremony, which took place in December. For some reason, I find it amusing that it is the largest area in the game thus far, given that a spacecraft is far larger than an airship, but I suppose that is just my perspective. It’s large, it’s gorgeous, it’s red, and it’s a big ol’ nod to the Henry Stickmin series, for those of you who enjoy retro-styled flash games like myself. But, more importantly, when will we be able to play it?

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When is the New Among Us Map Coming Out?

As of right now, the only release date we have is a vague “early 2021,” which means that it will most likely arrive before summer. However, players uncovered an exploit in the Switch version of Among Us not long after the Airship was unveiled at the Game Awards, allowing them to test out the area early. Despite a few hiccups and errors, the map was essentially finished when I played it. InnerSloth has subsequently corrected the vulnerability, but the inference is that they’re attempting to keep their cards close to their chest.

Some players believe InnerSloth is counting down the days till the release of the map. Valentine’s Day, Among Us’ Xbox release date, and the game’s three-year anniversary on June 15th are all possibilities. The Switch version’s near-completed map suggests that we won’t have to wait too long, although this is all just conjecture at the moment.

InnerSloth Announces Among Us x Arcane Crossover

In the past, I’d have been astonished by the announcement of a crossover between two wildly different games like League of Legends and Among Us, but these days, I’m not so surprised. Not that I’m complaining, but there are no rules anymore. In order to understand what I’m getting at, you must have missed the following: InnerSloth has announced a crossover between Among Us and Arcane.

Arcane, the upcoming Netflix series based on the Riot Games’ League of Legends universe, will feature a cross-over between Among Us and InnerSloth’s game, Arcane. Crewmate cosmetics in Arcane-themed packaging are the only thing in the Cosmicube crossover event; they’re not going overboard. Cosmicubes, a new delivery method for cosmetics launched to Among Us only last week, may have slipped your mind. A branching path to uncover the cubes’ contents may be accessed by using Pods that you earn while playing the game with the cubes engaged.



How do I get the new Among Us map?

Among Us Is a New Map Mobile App

Apps for Android and iOS are available for free. Players need to upgrade their game to have access to the map. The Among Us Airship map will be free to play after it has been updated.

What is the 5th map in Among Us?

Among Us will have a new map, “Map 5,” in the near future. On the 10th of June, 2021, it was first unveiled during the Summer Game Fest. With the exception of its anticipated release in 2022, little little is known about this map.