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Why People Are Using CBD Cream Over CBD Oil


CBD topicals are one of the fastest-growing product types within the CBD industry. People are increasingly looking to products like CBD topical cream and CBD balms to experience the multitude of health benefits that CBD offers.


Traditionally, CBD oils have been the most common way to use CBD. This is largely because tinctures are one of the oldest CBD products on the market and, therefore, the easiest to find. Oils are also one of the most straightforward products as they can be made from as little as two ingredients.


However, there is now a multitude of new and exciting CBD products to choose from. And more people are purchasing CBD-infused creams, as opposed to the more traditional oils. What exactly is it about CBD creams that have caused them to become so popular?

What Are CBD Creams?

CBD creams are just one of the many types of CBD topical on the market, and they cover a range of different products. The most common and easy to find types of CBD cream are general-purpose creams that can be used across most of the body, much like regular creams.

There are also more specialized creams that are designed for an intended purpose. Specialized creams include CBD sun creams, foot and hand creams, and pain relief creams. CBD in cosmetic face and beauty creams is also becoming much more common, especially in anti-aging products.

The term CBD topical is used to describe products applied to the outer areas of the body, as opposed to being ingested. CBD creams are not the only type of topical; other popular topicals include patches, bath bombs, and balms.

How Are CBD Creams Different From CBD Oils?

The main differences between CBD creams and CBD oils are how they are used and, as a result, how they affect the body. CBD oils are ingested either on their own or mixed into foods and drinks. CBD creams, on the other hand, are applied to specific areas of skin.


Oils impact the entire body due to how they are consumed, while creams only affect the area they are applied to. CBD oils can be used for many different reasons at once, including both mental and physical health. CBD creams tend to be used more for specific purposes such as pain relief or skin health.

Are CBD Creams Easier to Use Than CBD Oils?

Some people find that CBD creams are much easier to use than traditional CBD oil tinctures. Part of the reason for this is that most people are already using creams of some sort. Whereas oil drops are not something that the majority of people are familiar with.

Most CBD creams are designed so that they can be used in place of other creams. For example, CBD face and eye creams offer all of the same benefits as other cosmetics, only with the added advantage of containing CBD. This allows cosmetic creams to be used as an alternative rather than as an additional product.

On the other hand, CBD oils require dedicated time and effort each day and are often thought to be less convenient than CBD creams. Creams tend to also be much more discreet than oils, making them a much more appealing option when looking to use CBD in public spaces.

When Are CBD Creams More Effective Than CBD Oils?

While CBD oils can benefit the entire body, CBD creams allow for a much more targeted approach. Applying CBD creams directly to problematic areas of the body, such as sore joints to inflamed skin, is seen to be a massive benefit of choosing creams over oils.

Not only do CBD creams mean that the user can control which parts of the body are affected, but the effects felt tend to occur much quicker as a result. CBD oils have to be processed internally within the body, in a similar way to food, whereas creams can act directly on the application area.

CBD creams can be an extremely effective way to treat surface-level aches and pains as well as skin irritations. This is part of why so many people are choosing them when presented with the two options.

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