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Google explains why Android users can’t modify Google Assistant’s design


The majority of people who use electronic devices agree that Google Assistant is the superior virtual digital assistant when compared to other options such as Alexa, Siri, and Bixby. On the other hand, you might have noticed (and to tell you the truth, it isn’t hard to spot) that on Android, Google Assistant is always in Dark mode even if you have your system setting on Light mode. This is because Dark mode is optimized for privacy and security. In October, Google announced that the Light mode would no longer be available for the Android version of the Assistant app.

In an effort to investigate the matter once more, Google has recently published a help page with the heading “Assistant Uses Dark Mode By Default.” The following is what Google writes on the page: “Google Assistant is constantly experimenting with new concepts to see which ones are successful and which ones have room for improvement. This includes methods that can be used to make our products appear and feel the same across the entirety of our product ecosystem.”

The company continues by saying, “To offer a more helpful visual experience across all of your devices, including Pixel Watch and Google TV, when you engage with Assistant on mobile Light mode is no longer available. Instead, it will now have a dark appearance, even if you have Dark theme turned off in your phone settings.” The main line is that you shouldn’t anticipate seeing Google Assistant in any other theme but Dark, and if you’re not a fan of white writing on a black backdrop, you’re out of luck. If you’re not a fan of this combination, you’re out of luck (Google it).

Users are now able to search for photographs and videos on websites as well as within messaging and video apps by utilizing Lens thanks to this new functionality. For instance, if someone sends you a video through the Messages app and there is a location in the backdrop that you are interested in learning more about, you can activate Google Assistant by holding down the power or home button on your Android device for an extended period of time. Simply select the “search screen” option to obtain the desired information. This function is going to be made available as part of an upgrade that will be rolled out over the next few months.