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How to Get the Lazarus in Dying Light 2


One of the artefact weapons in Dying Light 2 is called the Lazarus brass knuckle, and it is one of the weapons that plays a reasonably big part in the early game because it is related to a plot mission that must be completed. As a weapon, Lazarus deals moderate damage. But, it lacks mod slots. Lazarus is an extremely quick melee weapon that can shred enemies at a far faster rate than other types of melee weapons. This easily makes up for the fact that it has a lower damage output than other melee weapons. In this article for Dying Light 2, we will discuss how you can acquire the brass knuckles that Lazarus is wearing.

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How to Get the Lazarus in Dying Light 2

To obtain the Lazarus in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, you must first finish the Aitor side quest and ensure that Aitor lives until the end of the game. To begin the Aitor side quest, you must first explain to Jack Matt what transpired with Aitor during the main mission, “A Place to Call Home.” Only then can the side quest be initiated. If you choose to do that, then during the main quest Welcome On Board, Aitor will be transported onto the Peacekeeper ship while he is in a critical condition, and the Aitor quest will begin immediately after that. In order to complete the Welcome Aboard quest, you will need to indicate that you are willing to assist Juan. If you do not complete this task, you will not get the opportunity to speak with Aitor in the Fish Eye Canteen later on in the game.

How to Get the Lazarus in Dying Light 2

Have a conversation with Dr. Steven, and if he asks for your assistance, you should agree to get some medicinal herbs from Margaret. When you get at Margaret’s house, you should inform her that you are not a member of the Peacekeepers, and then you will be permitted inside. If it isn’t currently night, you need to wait until it is and then head to the spot on the map to find the three Recluse petals. Because the plants are so large and dazzlingly white, it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate them. Once you have all three, you should make your way back to Dr. Steven despite the fact that the infected are undoubtedly now chasing after you.

How to Get the Lazarus in Dying Light 2

It doesn’t really matter if you admit to getting the herbs from “the witch,” but when provided with the following choice, you have to offer Aitor the little petals in order to be able to receive the Lazarus later on. If you don’t give him the small petals, you won’t be able to get the Lazarus. The Aitor quest will be finished, and later on in the game, after Aitor has defected to the Survivors’ cause and joined their ranks, you will be able to meet up with him in the Fish Eye Canteen. If you pay attention to whatever he has to say without making excuses on how busy you are, he will eventually hand over the Lazarus to you.


Can you get Lazarus if Aitor dies?

After Aitor has been transported to the hospital, you will be given the option to go see him there. The attending physician at his bedside will tell you that there is a method to save him using a combination of rare herbs. It is necessary for you to hand Aitor the little petals once you have returned from gathering these herbs. This prevents him from dying and paves the way for you to obtain the Lazarus later on.

Should I save Aitor Dying Light 2?

It is in your best interest to try to save Aitor if you want to see this war through to its conclusion. After some time, you will locate Aitor at the Fisheye, and once you do, he will present you with the Lazarus Knuckles as a token of his appreciation.

Who stole the Lazarus Dying Light 2?

In Dying Light 2, you shouldn’t give Maya any money for the Lazarus or negotiate. You will need to find Maya, the thief who has the Lazarus brass knuckles, towards the end of the tale quest The Only Way Out.

What happens if you refuse to give Aitor herbs?

Aitor lapses into a coma as a result of your refusal to give him the herbs. Aitor lapses into a vegetative state as a result of the simple stabilising injection that the doctor is only able to administer to him.

Is it better to help the Peacekeepers or the survivors in Dying Light 2?

To summarize, Survivors are the greatest option to take if you would rather avoid confrontations and focus instead on exploring the roofs of Villedor. On the other hand, Peacekeepers are for those individuals who relish the opportunity to obliterate anything and everyone who stands in their path, be it large groups of infected or bandits.