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How To Make a Lingering Potion in Minecraft


When you add Dragon’s Breath to a Splash Potion in Minecraft, the potion will change into a Lingering Potion instead of remaining as a Splash Potion. After that, you will be able to craft Tipped Arrows out of Lingering Potions using the appropriate materials. Here is the protocol that must be adhered to:

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How To Make a Lingering Potion in Minecraft

To begin, you will need to assemble the brewing stand and collect all of the necessary ingredients.

1. Craft Blaze Powder with 1 Blaze Rod.

How To Make a Lingering Potion in Minecraft

2. Construct a table for crafting made of four boards of wood. You are free to utilise any kind of plank (Warped Planks, Crimson Planks, etc.).

How To Make a Lingering Potion in Minecraft

3. After placing the Crafting Table on the ground and opening it, the 3×3 crafting grid will appear before you.

How To Make a Lingering Potion in Minecraft

4. Construct a place to store brews. Place a Blaze Rod in the middle of the top row, followed by three Cobblestones in the row in the middle.

How To Make a Lingering Potion in Minecraft

5. You can access the Brewing menu by interacting with the Brewing Stand after it has been placed on the ground.

How To Make a Lingering Potion in Minecraft

6. To activate the Brewing Stand, place one Blaze Powder in the box in the upper-left corner of the screen.

How To Make a Lingering Potion in Minecraft

7. Place any Splash Potion you have in your inventory into one of the boxes at the very bottom of the Brewing menu.

8. In the menu for brewing, the top slot should be reserved for Dragon’s Breath.

How To Make a Lingering Potion in Minecraft

9. Watch the percentage fill up on the progress bar. Once the process of brewing the potion is complete, you will be able to add a Lingering Potion to your collection of items.

How To Make a Lingering Potion in Minecraft


Do lingering potions last forever?

The effects of potions that are said to have lingering effects only last for around 30 seconds before they are gone. Because each entity that steps in it causes it to vanish more quickly, the effect has the appearance of a spectacular splash potion in practise.

It is possible to create a Lingering potion by combining Dragon’s Breath with a Splash potion. After the player has completed the preparation of a lingering potion, all that is required of them is to place the potion in the middle slot of a crafting table and then place eight ordinary arrows around it. As a result, one bottle of any lingerie potion will result in the creation of eight arrows with tips.

Does Infinity work on tipped arrows?

There is no effect that Infinity has on tipped or spectral arrows; they are still consumed in the normal manner. Even if commands are used to add infinity to a crossbow, it will continue to consume arrows.

Does Infinity work potion arrows?

If you have tipped arrows and a bow that has been enchanted with the Infinity enchantment, using the bow will still cause the arrows to be shot, but it will not use them up. Due to the nature of the Infinity enchantment, the arrows cannot be picked up, yet the effect that they have is similar to that of a potion.

What does a dragon breath do in Minecraft?

Because it causes the effects of a potion to last for an extended period of time, the Dragon’s Breath is an essential component that players of Minecraft need to gather for brewing. Because it produces a cloud comparable to the one produced by the Ender Dragon when it performs its Dragon’s Breath attack, this is very helpful for the creation of splash potions.