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How to Play Music on During a Zoom Meeting


The addition of music to your Zoom meetings is not only easy, but it also adds a pleasant element to the experience. While you are conducting business meetings, you are at liberty to play whatever song you like by selecting it from any location on your own computer or the internet. The steps to take are as described below.

In order to use the music play option, you will make use of the screen sharing option that is available in Zoom; however, you will not really be sharing your screen with anyone else during this session.

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How to Play Music on During a Zoom Meeting

Participating in virtual activities like gaming sessions, fitness meetings, or anything else of a similar kind may be considerably enhanced by the addition of music, which may significantly boost the quality of the experience.

In order to carry out this task, you will initially be required to launch the Zoom application that was previously installed on your desktop computer. After that, take part in the subsequent meeting.

Once you have joined a meeting and are participating in it, navigate to the bottom of the screen and click the “Share Screen” button. There is no cause for anxiety; you will not be required to give someone else access to your screen.

How to Play Music on During a Zoom Meeting

Once the new window has shown, navigate to the very top of it and click the button labelled “Advanced.”

How to Play Music on During a Zoom Meeting

The button labelled “Computer Audio” can be found on the “Advanced” tab of the settings menu. In the meeting that you are now participating in, this will play the system sound that is stored on your desktop.

After that, locate the “Share” button in the lower right-hand corner of the window and click on it.

How to Play Music on During a Zoom Meeting

At this point in the conference, Zoom will play your computer’s sound as well as any other sound that is produced during the meeting. This suggests that if you play a music track on your computer, regardless of whether you played it locally or online, the track will also play in your meeting. This is the case regardless of whether you played the track locally or online.

Therefore, head on over to the website of the music streaming service that best suits your needs, choose the track you’d want to hear, and then start the music playing. The individuals that are present at your gathering will be able to access and listen to the music track that you have prepared. It is also possible to use a music that has been locally saved on an application such as Windows Media Player. This option is available to users.

When you are ready to put an end to the music that is being played, you can do so by clicking the “Stop Share” button that is situated at the very top of the screen that you are using for your Zoom conference. It is imperative that you do not lose sight of the fact that this will merely prohibit the music from playing; the gathering will continue as planned.

How to Play Music on During a Zoom Meeting

The addition of some music to your virtual meetings can be accomplished in the aforementioned manner. Enjoy!


How can you share your screen while keeping the music playing in Zoom?

  • Within the Zoom Meeting, navigate to the screen labelled “Share screen.”
  • In the bottom left corner of the sharing window, you should see a small option labelled “Share sound.”
  • To include computer audio in your screen sharing, choose the checkbox provided.
  • At long last, the “Share” button, which allows you to broadcast both your screen and the audio from your computer to the Zoom conference.

What should be avoided while using Zoom to share audio from a computer?

When you share the audio from your computer with the Zoom Meeting, you need to make sure that any distracting sounds are muted and that there are no unexpected developments.